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Klarna’s AI Assistant Equals 700 Workers

The tech giants face the difficulty of maintaining their success in an environment where resources are decreasing because of inflation and unpredictable economic trends. When the tech industry darlings don’t make enough money to keep their market value things get much more difficult. It involves excessive risk associated with investors to keep funding companies in a situation of rising financing costs and economic challenges.

In mid-2022, as tech layoffs gained popularity, Klarna, a financial business located in Sweden that operates in the buy-now-pay-later industry, said that it intended to lay off around ten percent of its global staff.

In light of artificial intelligence’s rise and the current tech movement aimed at making businesses leaner and more productive, Klarna recently released a statement stating that it has deployed an AI assistant capable of the worth of work of managing 700 full-time employees.

How does Artificial Intelligence operate?

Klarna and OpenAI collaborated to enhance customer support interactions. The ChatGPT-inspired software is handling 2.3 million debates, or two-thirds of customer care chats, in 23 regions and 35 languages in just one month.

According to the corporation, the integration would increase its profitability by forty million dollars in 2024. Because of the chatbot’s effectiveness, there have been fewer mistakes, a 25% drop in follow-up questions, and an average conversation length of two minutes instead of eleven.

Global fintech Klarna's AI assistant handles the work of 700 full-time agents - In AI Today

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, chairman and chief executive officer of Klarna, stated, “This AI innovation in dealing with clients implies greater satisfaction for our clients at lower costs, more engaging challenges for our staff members, and higher profits for our shareholders.”

The company’s objective of increasing its skill and competitiveness in the market is in line with its concentration on artificial intelligence technology. According to Bloomberg, the BNPL company is planning to go public sooner than anticipated. It wants to list by the 3rd quarter of 2024 and is aiming for a twenty-billion-dollar valuation.

AI vs. Humans? 

The Klarna recruitment strategy has changed significantly since implementing AI. By the final month of 2023, the company’s workforce had decreased by 25%, according to Fortune.

A representative for the company informed the media outlet that while Klarna’s use of AI is now a key component of its recruitment strategy, it did not directly cause the company’s headcount decline last year.

Klarna says its AI assistant has successfully replaced 700 people, around a year after it announced mass layoffs - India Today

According to a Klarna representative, Klarna is an establishing solid because artificial intelligence (AI) allows it to expand faster without hiring employees as quickly as it would have in the past,

The business stopped hiring people for positions other than engineering last year. Siemiatkowski stated to the Telegraph at the time, It is now possible to complete tasks that previously took a long period much more quickly and with fewer workers. We should just state, “Let’s not recruit now, let’s examine how this turns out,” as the appropriate course of action.

Even though Klarna’s AI assistant answers a large percentage of client questions, human agents will still be needed to analyze logs, verify chatbot accuracy, and deal with particularly delicate or complicated issues that call for individualized support. Employees may move into specialized positions that enhance the capabilities of the chatbot.


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