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35 Free AI Tools For You

One or more free artificial intelligence tools are available to assist with tasks like searching, summarizing, writing, transcription, or creating art or music. We’ve entered a strange new world where generative AI tools are becoming commonplace, all thanks to the buzz surrounding ChatGPT. However, this surge in AI tools has also swiftly led to a glut, with many imitative services and those that need a one-time charge to explore their offerings. It might be challenging to know where to begin when experimenting with generative AI tools, but doing so is a terrific approach to learning about their benefits and drawbacks (yes, despite the hype, there are numerous restrictions).

So, you can check out this extensive collection of online artificial intelligence tools. Utilize them to delve into uncharted territory, polish your writing, condense long pieces, and generate original sounds and visuals.

AI Search and Chat Tools Are Free

  1. ChatGPT

A chatbot named ChatGPT can do a surprisingly decent job of searching for you, coming up with ideas, crafting thoughtful messages, narrating tales, and much more. It has elevated the meaning of “artificial intelligence” to an entirely new plane.

ChatGPT logo and Its History | LogoMyWay

You get conversational, human-like responses to your queries, which gives you the impression that you are speaking with someone, although one who is quite knowledgeable about almost everything. But exercise caution: Even while ChatGPT is fantastic, there are instances where it misstates the truth—in subtle or comically apparent ways.

Free, but using during high demand and speed-up responses costs $20 a month.

  1. The new BingBing's AI chatbot came to work for me. I had to fire it. – Computerworld

The brand-new Bing ChatGPT-based chats with Bing search results.


File:Perplexity AI logo.svg - Wikipedia

Request clear answers with citations and ask follow-up questions. Having the choice of switching to Pro, it is free to use.

  1. YouChat 

You Chat Logo by Design Ground SB on Dribbble

Ask follow-up questions and have ChatGPT-style chats. Free; registration needed.

  1. Poe 

Quora's Poe AI platform jumps on the chat threads bandwagon - Neowin

Conversational AI from Quora has several assistants with various capabilities. Free; registration needed.

Free AI Artwork Generators: 

  1. Stable Diffusion Online

StableDiffusion - AI Free Text-to-image Generator – ToolPilot

No login is needed. Free artwork generator for stable diffusion.

  1. El Pintador

El Pintor

The free Stable Diffusion artwork generator El Pintador for iOS has a “Learn” area that offers helpful creation guidance.

  1. DiffusionBee 

DiffusionBee Pricing & Reviews 2024 |

Stable MacOS Diffusion artwork generator; unlimited usage, offline.

  1. Dall-E 

Thanks to DALL-E, your most bizarre artistic ideas can finally become reality. Enter virtually anything inside the search box, and then watch as OpenAI’s image production tool generates various images for you to select from.

DALL-E Logo PNG Images with Transparent Background

Dall-E is available with a premium ChatGPT Plus subscription or as a free trial through Bing.

  1. Craiyon

File:Craiyon emblem and wordmark with shadow.svg - Wikipedia

The Craiyon online tool for creating artwork utilizes the Dall-E Mini design. Watermark removal requires a $5/month subscription.

  1. Nvidia Canvas

Happy Little AI Trees: Bob Ross Meets Nvidia Canvas | by Alec Kunkel | Made by McKinney | Medium

The Windows program Nvidia Canvas creates artwork from brushstrokes. Need a graphics card that is Nvidia RTX.

  1. Playform

The Playform online app creates artwork from sketches. Try it free, but you’ll need to pay for credits to download photos without a watermark.

  1. Use AutoDraw 

AutoDraw is a seasoned veteran who has been a Google product since 2017. This free application suggests pictures based on what you’ve written on the page, transforming your carelessly scribbled doodles into genuine drawings.

Week 2: Google AutoDraw and Creativity – EDUC362 Digital Creativity and Learning

It works well if you must quickly build out a design but want it to appear hand-drawn rather than computer-generated. It also doesn’t require an account or membership and is free.


  1. PicsArt AI Writer 

Create headlines for LinkedIn, Instagram captions, product descriptions, marketing text, and more. No cost.

  1. NotionAI 

The New Notion AI helps generate ideas and suggests edits

To add text to any Notion document, use the prompts. To begin a new line, use Space. A limited number of free AI responses are available for you to test it out with; beyond that, the add-on subscription costs $8–10 per month.

  1. Tools for chatbots 

You can create a copy using tools like Poe, YouChat, and ChatGPT.

 AI content summarizers for free 

  1. Eightify 

Eightify Reviews (2024) - Eightify Alternatives & Pricing

Make brief texts of YouTube videos that include highlights you may click to go to the appropriate part of the video—weekly maximum of three free summaries (for videos under 30 minutes). A subscription costs $4.95 monthly for unlimited summaries or $3.95 monthly when you pay yearly.

  1. Reviews: Details, Pricing, Core features, Use cases, alternatives | Toolify

A different, less comprehensive YouTube summarizer than Eightify. You can summarise up to 200 videos per month with a $10 Premium subscription, or you can summarise a few videos daily for free.

  1. Gimme Summary 

Gimme Summary AI: AI-Powered Web Article Summarizer | Deepgram

A plugin for Chrome that summarizes online articles functions by requesting ChatGPT to reduce the information in the article. Slow to use, but free.


Best 49 Alternatives in 2024

Send a content URL to, and receive a summary within ten minutes.

  1. Wordtune Read 

Wordtune Summarizer Review: Pricing, Features & More

See the PDF and article highlights alongside the text, with highlighted passages. Monthly summaries are $5 for five, after which they cost $9.99.

  1. OtterPilot Revolutionizes Sales with Groundbreaking AI Assistant: Now Companies Can Leverage AI to Generate More Revenue by Increasing Productivity by Up to 33% | Business Wire

An Otter meeting assistant feature that summarizes and transcribes video calls. Complimentary for a maximum of thirty minutes for each call and 300 minutes of transcribing each month; to surpass these limits, you can pay $10 monthly for a Pro subscription.


SONOTELLER - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Analyze a song’s lyric content, instruments, categories, and moods by pasting the link to the song on YouTube. There is no cost to utilize.

 Free AI speech-to-text transcriptions 


  1. Whisper

It uses OpenAI language models to transcribe audio files online. No cost.

  1. Buzz 

Ramsri Goutham Golla on X: "2/7 Buzz - Transcribe and translate audio on your personal computer using OpenAI's Whisper Supports real-time transcription and translation from your computer's microphones by time chunking and

The whisper offline version is for Windows and is free for infinite use.

  1. MacWhisper 

Whisper offline on Macintosh. Pay as much as you like or a one-time fee of approximately $30 for translation and larger language models.

 AI Visual Editors for Free 

  1. Runway 

A photo and video designer equipped with various AI features, such as image enlargement, green screen, and 3D texture generation. Free with restrictions on the usage of AI tools and export resolution, afterward $12 per month.

  1. Genmo 

Genmo - AI Video, 3D Objects & Image Generator – ToolPilot

Using verbal prompts, still photographs can be transformed into animations. Free with restrictions on usage.

 Free AI Audio Tools 

  1. AIVA 

AIVA, which means Artificial Intelligence Visual Artist, is a tool that allows you to compose original music without any prior musical experience.

Aside from creating your profiles with speed range, time authorization, harmonies, and many other parameters, you may also develop tracks depending on emotion and genre. Even a feature-rich editor can tweak your recordings note by note until they’re flawless.

Three downloads are available monthly in the free version, which is suitable for home use. Paid subscriptions start at about $15 per month.

  1. ElevenLabs 

File:Eleven Labs.png - Wikipedia

For free, create speech from text with a maximum of 10,000 characters per month. Users may copy a previous voice with a $5/month membership.

  1. Riffusion 

Riffusion logo design -

Use Stable Diffusion to create music based on text descriptions. No cost.

  1. Boomy 

Boomy | AI Music Tools Tools

You can create musical tracks by indicating the type of music, instruments, and production values. Free with restrictions, then monthly subscriptions for Creator ($9.99) and Pro ($29.99) for further features.


  1. Beatoven Royalty Free AI Music Generator.

Decide on the genre and tone before creating music. You can use it for free without downloading anything, subscribe for as little as $6 a month to download content for 15 minutes or pay by the minute.


  1. Tome 

Using this AI tool, users may create presentations by incorporating text, graphics, and accessible information from mobile or desktop computers. In a prior Fast Company article, Steven Melendez stated that “when the material is typed or added into each page’s canvas, it organically reflows and expands to appear, effectively, attractive, eliminating requiring users to resize and trim content to fit the limits of a standard rectangular side.”

Tome — AI Powered presentation & storytelling - Tastic AI - AI tools - Medium

While Tome has introduced a premium Pro plan and provides tailored enterprise options, cofounder Keith Peiris assured Melendez that the company will keep its complimentary plan for individual customers.

 Free AI Games Tools 

 35 AI Dungeon 

Regarding age, you might remember text-based adventure games with nostalgia if you belong to a specific era. Thanks to AI Dungeon, which uses artificial intelligence to create narratives that are never the same twice, those days are finally over. You can make and share your games.

You can experiment with the service’s basic AI technology with an account for free or choose from premium plans that use more sophisticated AI models, starting at $10 monthly.

In AI Dungeon 2, You Can Do Anything--Even Start A Rock Band Made Of Skeletons

Do you have an excellent AI tool that needs to be added to our list? Don’t hesitate to contact us if it differs from the services mentioned above in any way and contains a free component.

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