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AI Wearable Device to Give You Super Powers

Do you enjoy going on outdoor adventures, but you’re always drained from carrying heavy gear or needing more physical stamina? Would you like to be able to run faster, hike farther, and travel faster without experiencing fatigue or soreness?  Congratulations if that’s a yes.

The Hypershell ProX is an all-terrain exoskeleton that was developed by Hypershell, a robot firm that is based in China and was founded by Y-Combinator. This exoskeleton will take your outdoor excursions to the next level. A fresh approach to pushing yourself to your boundaries and experiencing adventure.

Slipping this gadget over your legs is like putting on a second skin; it increases your speed, stamina, and strength.

How Does It Work?                           

The Hypershell ProX can detect your motions and adapt to your demands with the help of artificial intelligence. The device is capable of switching between nine distinct action postures, ranging from walking to running to climbing, and it can deliver up to 800W of power to assist you in lifting your legs with greater ease.

You may wear a hefty backpack without experiencing any strain because it can offset a maximum of 66 pounds of weight. You can rely on the Hypershell ProX to support you no matter the conditions, whether it’s high altitude, steep slopes, or lengthy distances.

How Much Does The Exoskeleton Weigh Itself?

The Hypershell ProX is neither bulky nor heavy. It folds up small enough to fit in a bag and weighs just 2 kilograms. It can withstand dust and water with an IP54 rating and is weatherproof, functioning properly in temperatures even as low as -20℃.

The founder of Hypershell, Kelvin Sun, has stated that his goal is to “encourage nature-based ecotourism and introduce affordable consumer-grade exoskeleton technology to outdoor lovers.” Additionally, he mentions that the Hypershell ProX is quite beneficial for individuals who require additional support or who travel with big weights.

Not For People With Disabilities:

You can move your legs stronger and raise them more readily with the help of the power provided by your hypershell exoskeleton. Please do not use it in place of or in addition to medical treatment, as it has not been authorized as a medical device by the Food and Drug Administration. Hypershell should only be worn by those who have no trouble walking normally.

Key Points:

The Hypershell ProX is an interesting option to consider if you are seeking a fresh method to discover the globe and test your limits. If you want to feel superhuman while enjoying the outdoors, this revolutionary gadget is for you. To meet your demands and tastes, it is created to be portable, adaptable, and powerful.

When you’re out in nature, how would you feel about wearing an exoskeleton? Have you considered using Hypershell ProX? Would you spend your money on it?


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