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AnswerDigital wins AI Project of the year award for diagnosis System

Answer Digital won the Artificial Intelligence Project of the Year award at the UK IT Industry Awards for their multi-modal AI platform, which is helping NHS in patient diagnosis using AI. The annual UK IT Industry Awards recognized the year’s best technological achievements.

Answer Digital

Answer Digital and The London Medical Imaging and AI Centre for Value-Based Healthcare, a collaboration of ten NHS trusts, are collaborating. They are collaborating to build a multi-modal AI platform to help clinicians with faster and more accurate diagnoses and treatments, personalized medicines, and effective screening for various illnesses and procedures.

The director of Answer Digital, Richard Pugmire, said, “The award is fantastic recognition for the hard work of the Answer team. We have worked closely with the NHS on what has become a nationally significant innovation that promotes tailored and digitally enabled healthcare provision across the entire service.”

Richard further said, “The AI program allows Answer to bring together the best technical, clinical, and academic minds to deliver a solution capable of changing the way healthcare is provided for many years to come, “and “Given the competence of the project partners and the nature of AI as a tool, the initiative as a whole has the potential to be really transformative for the NHS.”

The AI Deployment Engine, or AIDE, is a framework for implementing AI at scale. It establishes a unified interface for deploying numerous AI tools directly to NHS frontline services. It gets a continuous stream of medical imaging data, allowing physicians to perform near real-time AI analysis in seconds. Following the AI technology’s data analysis, the conclusions are provided directly to the EPR to help clinical decision-making. This is assisting in the acceleration and improvement of diagnosis and care across patient paths such as stroke, dementia, heart failure, and cancer.

FLIP, the Federated Data Platform, enables the utilization of data from different NHS trusts to train new AI models for future clinical usage. Because of the privacy-preserving Federated Learning technology, patient data is never pooled or shared outside of the originating NHS trust.

AIDE’s use at Kings College Hospital has been so successful that it expanded to six further NHS trusts, confirming its function as a viable avenue for wider AI deployment in the NHS.

The government’s £21 million AI Diagnostic Fund was recently distributed to 64 NHS trusts to help accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.


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