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Aptus.AI Secures €3 Million Pre-Series A Funding

The announcement of a successful €3 million Pre-Series A investment round by Aptus.AI, an Italian firm focusing on machine-readable documentation, is a significant development. The business is distinguished by its in-house artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which is used to create machine-readable copies of legal papers. This makes regulatory compliance with both national and European standards simple to access and review. The Diatomic platform, a real-time updated Software as a Service (SaaS) for Regulatory Technology (RegTech), is the culmination of this concept.

Apothus.Major players like Intesa Sanpaolo, Generali Investments, and MPS are among the remarkable clientele that AI has amassed quickly in the market. Along with major companies in the business, the firm has started a number of pilot initiatives. This round’s funding is led by venture capital firm P101, with contributions from business angels and Fin+Tech, CDP Venture Capital’s accelerator. Notably, Fin+Tech’s involvement comes after they contributed to a €1.2 million Seed financing round earlier.

Andrea Tesei, co-founder and CEO of Aptus.AI, expressed his excitement, saying,

“We are determined to uphold the Italian flag in a sector like RegTech, which is proving increasingly important and strategic internationally, enabling large organizations to develop their offerings rapidly and correctly, thus remaining competitive and benefiting end consumers and the socio-economic fabric.

By combining AI for data extraction with generative AI, our solution can achieve a very high level of precision in responses even for a complex and nuanced field like the legal one, with extraordinary positive impacts.”


Lorenzo De Mattei, co-founder and CTO, adds:

“The heart of our artificial intelligence is its revolutionary ability to convert legal documents of any format into a machine-readable standard. This innovation opens up a world of previously inconceivable interactions with legal texts for AI users and systems.

The result is a suite of extraordinarily efficient tools that include interactive regulatory consultation, automatic custom notifications, automatic management and updating of legal inventory, and instant impact analysis.

Our machine-readable format provides a set of data and legal information in digital format that allows us to create more precise Generative AI models, significantly limiting so-called ‘hallucinations’ in an area like the legal one, where the accuracy of responses is essential.”

Giuseppe Donvito, Partner of P101, comments:

“At P101, we are excited to join forces with the Aptus.AI team. This represents P101’s first investment in the dynamic RegTech market, a rapidly expanding sector.”

With its innovative solution, Aptus.AI fills a significant gap in the industry by making it easier to comprehend and implement complicated regulatory frameworks. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI), the Daitomic platform makes sure that legal documents are converted into formats that are both machine-readable and easily understood. Titans of the industry have taken notice, and noteworthy partnerships have already been formed.

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