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Leading the way in artificial intelligence (AI) geospatial intelligence (GEOINT),, best known for creating the first 3D digital twin of the entire planet for Microsoft Flight Simulator, announces the completion of a €13.8 million Series A extension that was oversubscribed. The overall Series A round now stands at an amazing €32.2 million thanks to this augmentation.

Existing investors in the venture include In-Q-Tel (IQT), Safran, ISAI Cap Venture, Capgemini’s VC Fund managed by ISAI, Einstein Industries Ventures, Interwoven Ventures (formerly ROBO Global Ventures), Ourcrowd, Gaingels, and OpAmp Capital.

“The new partnerships strengthen our vision to democratize high-frequency 3D mapping applications across an extensive range of geospatial use cases, both public and private,” says Michael Putz, CEO of is a pioneer in the field, offering geospatial intelligence, dynamic, high-frequency 3D mapping, and priceless insights to support strategic, well-informed decision-making to both government and private clients. The company’s roots are in the dynamic world of video games. With only one image, provides quick and affordable 3D visualization for training, simulation, and digital twins, as opposed to conventional photogrammetric 3D mapping techniques that are expensive, time-consuming, and require large amounts of imagery.

A technology that smoothly converts enormous amounts of raw data from satellite and aerial photos into semantically annotated geospatial Digital Twins is at the core of’s innovation. This ground-breaking software allows for a thorough study of land use and land cover by speeding up accurate item detection and classification at scale without requiring a large amount of training data.

Organizations may address security, disaster relief, urban planning, key infrastructure monitoring, environmental conservation, and humanitarian aid by utilizing

The Managing Director of Capgemini Ventures, Lucia Sinapi-Thomas, notes that “’s technology has shown great potential for applications in renewables, critical infrastructure monitoring, real estate property management, urban planning, and autonomous vehicles, among many others.” IQT highlights the platform’s potential for geospatial intelligence and training use cases.

“’s expertise in high-frequency mapping using satellite imagery unlocks new potential for Safran’s development in Position, Navigation, and Timing applied to all domains such as autonomous or collaborative missions as well as training and simulation,” says Florent Illat, CEO of Safran Corporate Ventures.

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