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Delfos Raises $6.9 Million For AI To Streamline Clean Energy

Delfos, an AI energy software startup, has secured €6.3 million ($6.9 million) in its seed round to facilitate its expansion in Europe. The Barcelona-based company has created a cutting-edge virtual engineer to supply the renewable energy industry. This AI-driven tool utilizes big data along with workflow automation to enhance reliability, productivity, and effectiveness in real-time. In addition to DOMO.VC and EDP Ventures, climate tech venture capital firms Contrarian Ventures, and Headline led the seed round.


Delfos stated that its software monitors more than 10 GW of renewable energy. In addition to improving energy generation by 3-5%, it also claims to improve operational efficiency and decrease component replacement costs by 30%.

The business claims that its software as a service (SaaS) tool may help energy businesses find network problems before the power goes out. It is capable of detecting aspect faults before they trigger significant downtime. Due to the high stakes involved, this is of paramount importance for assets like solar panels that are situated in inaccessible regions.

“If we are to enable a green energy transition fully, the renewables at the heart of our future energy supply chain must be as efficient and reliable as possible,” remarked Guilherme Studart, CEO of Delfos Energy.

Delfos Samuel Lima (red jumper) & Guilherme Studart (navy jumper)

He claimed that their technology will increase the energy production of all renewable assets, making them more profitable and efficient. This, in turn, will attract investors who are eager to support the transition to zero net energy.

The startup plans to use the early funding to hire in Barcelona and other European cities and speed up its expansion into Europe. Its target market will consist of renewable energy asset owners, utility corporations, and maintenance suppliers.

Rokas Peciulaitis, the managing partner at Contrarian Ventures, expressed the desire for efficiency, stability, and the capacity to make prompt decisions far before any problems occur. This is to guarantee that the websites remain operational and accessible at all times without any interruptions. This remark pertains to the investment in renewable infrastructure.

He went on to say that the predictive management platform developed by Delfos serves as a crucial software infrastructure layer to guarantee the resilience of those assets.

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