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Elon Musk Shares the Poetic Side of His AI Chatbot GROK AI on X

Watch Out Poets! Elon Musk’s AI chatbot GROK AI can do a pretty awesome job at poetry.

With the introduction of ChatGPT last year, the AI chatbot quickly became popular, taking over responsibilities that were once thought to be for humans alone. The internet was astounded last year when many individuals shared ChatGPT’s imaginative poetry. The poetry collection ChatGPT produced a wide range of works, including comedic rhymes and romantic poetry, which garnered attention. Another artificial intelligence chatbot will shortly join the fray.

Grok AI was revealed earlier this month by Elon Musk. When XAI was first announced, its creators boasted that their chatbot would handle “spicy questions” from which other bots shied away. If you “lack a sense of humour” or have a “rebellious streak,” you might want to steer clear of the chatbot. While only some have access to Grok AI, Musk frequently posts screenshots of users interacting with the chatbot.


To take on established players like Bing, ChatGPT, and Bard, Musk debuted Grok, xAI’s initial artificial intelligence model, earlier this month. “Grok is an AI modelled after the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so intended to answer almost anything and, far harder, even suggest what questions to ask!” the company has announced.

An element of comedy and what the business terms a “rebellious streak” will be infused into the AI chatbot’s responses. Musk showed a conversation where Grok made fun of FTX founder Sam Bankman Fried and responded sarcastically to a query regarding cocaine production, demonstrating the chatbot’s comedic capabilities.

Grok is currently in its early stages; during its initial two months of training, it was taught on a prototype huge language model called Grok -0, which had 33 billion parameters. Nonetheless, the business is banking on Grok’s early access program to help it evolve and grow.

Elon Musk discusses GrokAI’s poetry on X (Formerly known as Twitter). Musk recently tasked the future AI tool with penning a love poem. Musk remarked, “I asked Grok to write a poem about love.” in his X post sharing GrokAI’s poem.

Four verses and fourteen lines make up the poem. Its rhyming scheme is aa, bb, which is difficult for most people to master. Feeling loved is the subject of the poem.

Launch of Grokai Announced by Elon Musk

According to Musk’s latest announcement, the launch of Grok AI might happen as quickly as this week. Nonetheless, Musk refrained from mentioning a specific date. Remember that GrokAI is something that X Premium subscribers will have access to first. Those without an X subscription will not have access to the new AI chatbot.

In a tweet this week, Musk announced the debut of GrokAI and said, “Grok should be available to all X Premium+ subscribers next week.”

Grok AI Announced by X.

In a tweet, the XAI team announced their future AI assistant and warned that “those who lack a sense of humour shouldn’t use the AI service” due to the assistant’s irreverent nature and fiery personality. In their post, the team explained that Grok is an artificial intelligence system inspired by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. They claim that it can answer nearly any question and, even more challenging, can even propose further questions to ask. Please do not use Grok if you despise humour; it is programmed to provide clever and defiant answers.

The group said Grok will know everything happening now because of X. This would imply that the AI will learn from the individuals’ already-public Twitter postings. Also, the AI will “answer spicy questions that are rejected by most other AI systems.” Also, this.


With only two months of training, the product is in its beta phase. The xAI team says it will improve “rapidly with each passing week with your help.”




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