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Google’s New AI: Gaming Companion, Not Competitor 

Google DeepMind used games like Goat Simulator, No Man’s Sky, and Valheim to teach its artificial intelligence operator to play video games.  SIMA, a machine learning agent trained to master videogame abilities so that it performs similarly to human beings rather than a powerful Machine that does what it wants, was presented by Google DeepMind. Scalable, Instructable, Multiworld Agent, or SIMA, is a project solely in study.  

 Over time, SIMA can participate in any video game, including open-world games, with no apparent means to finish the game. Consider it primarily as an additional person who gets along nicely with your group, even if it’s meant to supplement the current game intelligence. It combines picture recognition, 3D environment knowledge, and conversational training.  


 During a conference with reporters, Tim Harley, a Google DeepMind analyst and supervisor of SIMA, explained that artificial intelligence isn’t programmed to win games. Instead, it’s designed to run them and follow instructions.  

 To train and test SIMA, Google collaborated alongside eight creators of games, including Coffee Stain, Hello Games, Embracer, and Tuxedo Labs. Researchers inserted SIMA into the titles to educate an artificial intelligence agent on playing games like No Man’s Sky, Teardown, Valheim, and Goat Simulator 3. In an official blog post, Google stated that SIMA could read code from sources and play games without requiring a particular Interface.  

Google DeepMind

According to Harley, the team selected titles that prioritized open play over narration to assist SIMA in developing general gaming abilities. Goat Simulator is a game about doing random, unplanned things. If you have played or seen a playthrough, then you understand this. Harley stated that SIMA was supposed to learn this sort of unpredictability.  

 To accomplish this, the team initially created an entirely novel environment inside the Unity generator, where the agents’ comprehension of manipulating objects was tested by creating artwork. Subsequently, Google captured verbal instructions by recording two human players, one in charge of the activity and the other providing directions. Players then engaged in solo play to demonstrate the reasoning behind their game moves. The SIMA agents were given every bit of this information to learn to anticipate what would occur on screen later.  

Google DeepMind trains a video game-playing AI to be your co-op companion | TechCrunch

As of right now, SIMA can perform roughly 600 fundamental tasks, such as moving left, ascending a ladder, and accessing the option for using a map. Harley stated that in due course, SIMA may be programmed to perform increasingly intricate tasks within a game. The inability of AI agents to carry out human tasks like “finding sources to construct a camp” means that functions like these are still challenging.  

 SIMA is intended to be an additional player in a game that affects the outcome rather than an artificial intelligence-powered NPC similar to those from Nvidia and Convai. It’s too soon to say what applications artificial intelligence agents like these could have for gaming outside of research, according to SIMA research coordinator Frederic Besse. 

SIMA by Google Deepmind: A Generalist AI Agent That Can Follow Humans Instructions in 3D Virtual Worlds - DigiAlps LTD

Though it’s considerably beyond that, SIMA might someday pick up speech like Artificial NPCs. SIMA is still picking up gaming basics and adjusting to new ones. According to Google, SIMA might ultimately be able to perform more complicated tasks and be the ideal Intelligence team member to help you win thanks to ever-more advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.  


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