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Imran Khan’s AI Winning Speech from Jail

Although the technology had previously been employed during Pakistan’s notoriously unjust election season, this instance grabbed international attention.

The ex-prime minister, Imran Khan, who was imprisoned, utilized artificial intelligence to generate a dummy voice to spread his message.

It is forbidden for our party to host rallies in public. AI-generated voices that resemble human voices are kidnapping and harassing our people’s families. With a caution that the address is based on his notes from prison, Khan stated in the video.

The halting voice continued, “History will remember your sacrifices,” alluding to the months-long state assault on the PTI that resulted in the detention or “forced resignation” of scores of party leaders.

Using remarks that were artificially produced, former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan declared victory in the nation’s election.

According to reports in the New York Times and other media, Khan utilized artificial intelligence to produce a stand-in voice to encourage his supporters after being imprisoned in August of last year and prohibited from participating in the election.

Despite being prohibited from contesting in the elections on Thursday, members of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI) ran as independents. They won 101 of 266 seats in the National Assembly, according to the Associated Press.

As SC deadline nears, PML-N contacts PTI over poll date

According to early predictions, the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz party, led by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, was expected to win. But when the votes were counted, the party had only secured 75 seats.

Khan has previously utilized AI to interact with fans while he is detained. Khan used the same technique to deliver passionate campaign addresses in December.

After being interrupted by internet problems, the vote count was postponed, creating a turbulent conclusion to an election characterized by violence and mistrust.


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