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Lasso Security Secures $6 Million in Seed Funding to Fortify Cybersecurity for Gen AI and LLMs

The cybersecurity company Lasso Security has made significant progress in raising $6 million in a Seed investment round sponsored by Entrée Capital, in which Samsung Next was a prominent participant. For Lasso Security, which focuses on creating a strong cybersecurity platform suited for Large Language Models (LLMs), the funding represents a noteworthy accomplishment.


Significant cybersecurity concerns have arisen from the increasing use of LLMs and Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI), particularly in the areas of data exposure, security, and compliance hazards. In response to these worries, Lasso’s state-of-the-art platform is made to ensure thorough security across all LLM touchpoints, serving as an essential barrier for companies using big language model technologies like Gen AI.

Lasso Security was established in 2023 by Elad Schulman, Lior Ziv, Ophir Dror, and Yuval Abadi. The company is essential in helping enterprises integrate and use LLMs safely in production settings. The platform actively defends against any harmful threats while guaranteeing the protection of user privacy and data.

The CEO of Lasso Security, Elad Schulman, underlined both the remarkable potential of LLMs to transform information processing and the related cybersecurity risks. According to Schulman, businesses without a specific Gen AI risk management solution may experience negative effects as early as the following year. As a result, Lasso Security has carefully examined a range of LLM security issues and created a thorough solution that includes corrective as well as preventive actions.


“Our mission is to equip businesses with robust defenses to safeguard their systems, including those using generative AI technologies leveraging LLMs,” Schulman said. He explained that every piece of information, command, and prompt produced by LLMs will be closely monitored by Lasso’s advanced security system. With this strategy, teams can confidently adopt generative AI while maintaining the security and protection of their data without sacrificing its integrity.


Given the era of Gen AI and LLMs, the industry has realized how important it is to have advanced cybersecurity solutions. This is demonstrated by Lasso Security’s success in raising $6 million in funding. With more and more businesses depending on these game-changing technologies, Lasso Security is well-positioned to be a key player in strengthening cybersecurity defenses and reducing the ever-changing risks that hackers pose to businesses.

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