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Microsoft AI Holiday Campaign “Make Your Holiday A Masterpiece

Microsoft has produced a holiday campaign in collaboration with an AI artist to promote seasonal customs with AI. They announce this on their holiday blog. Kathleen Hill, Chief Brand Officer at Microsoft, took to LinkedIn to announce the news in the post.

Kathleen Hill’s LinkedIn post

The Key Points of the Announcement:

Microsoft recently released its holiday campaign, and its hero video, “Make Your Holiday a Masterpiece,” praises how artificial intelligence helps highlight various holiday traditions practiced around the world.

Ellie Pritts, a transmedia artist, sets up a creative space in a holiday-themed plaza and utilizes a computer as her canvas in the campaign’s hero video, created in conjunction with McCann New York and directed by award-winning film director and photographer Andree Ljutica.

Ellie welcomes guests from all walks of life to share their favorite holiday traditions, such as the Japanese New Year and the Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes. Ellie generates original pieces of art inspired by each guest’s experiences using Microsoft’s AI capabilities and Image Creator by Microsoft Designer, surprising guests with gorgeous images that capture the essence of their particular recollections and stories.

With the holidays representing a shared moment when we reflect on our most cherished memories—times filled with joy, togetherness, and amazing experiences—Microsoft is demonstrating how people can use AI to magnify their holiday creativity and strengthen those connections.

Microsoft’s chief brand officer, Kathleen Hall, stated, “When someone who is truly creative uses their ingenuity with AI, magic can happen.”

The AI artist Ellie said, “I want people to feel good about themselves as co-creators of their universe.” Ellie has CMT and synesthesia, which means that one sense is perceived through another, such as tasting colors or feeling sounds, and her art is influenced in part by the colors of words. She believes that AI is opening up previously closed avenues for her.


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