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Mysterious Demo of OpenAI Robot ‘Figure 01’ 

I would rather have my ChatGPT disconnected.  I am speechless that this unsettling online demonstration of Figure 01,” a humanoid, talkative robot, is not a cut moment from I, Robot.  Figure 01, loaded with OpenAI technology, is questioned to describe what it can observe in the demo. The cutting-edge robot demonstrates its ability to recognize images by correctly explaining the red apple, the drying rack full of dishes, and the guy who asked the inquiry in Figure 01 in front of it. 

Alright, I’m a little nervous, but absolutely nothing that I didn’t know before. For instance, Google demonstrated last year how Gemini’s artificial intelligence system could identify various hand-drawn pictures and an aqua silicone duck as stimuli. However, it was later found that deft editing had overstated the model’s skills.  

It's like ChatGPT with a body: Watch creepy demo of OpenAI-powered robot 'Figure 01' | Mashable

 However, the man inquires, “Is there anything I can eat?” Realizing that the apple is the only food item on the table, Figure 01 picks it up and gives it to him.  

 Are we confident Will Smith will not return sometime soon?  

How does the robot in Figure 01 operate? 

 What is the foundation of Figure 01’s smooth communication with a human? With the help of an innovative Visual Language Model (VLM), Figure 01 transforms from a bulky piece of trash into a modern robot that resembles a bit too much of a human. The VLM results from a partnership between Figure, the startup that launched Figure 01, and OpenAI. 

When the apple is given over, Figure 01 shows that it can do multiple jobs at once when instructed to do so. While cleaning up this garbage, please explain why you offered me the apple.  

 The robot adds that it provided the individual with an apple as the fruit was the only edible object in front of him, all the while classifying what is trash (and what isn’t) and putting the appropriate items into the container that Figure 01 recognizes as a bin. That shows how well you can multitask!  

 Finally, the man questions Figure 01 about its perceived performance. The robot replies in a friendly voice, “I believe I performed very well.” The dinnerware is back where it belongs, the trash has vanished, and the apple has acquired an alternative owner. 

Figure 01’s creator, Brett Adcock, claims that the robot can seamlessly engage with the person in front of it thanks to the integrated sensors that supply the VLM information to help it analyze the scene. Besides Adcock, a selection of well-known individuals from Tesla Motors, Google Deep Mind, Boston Dynamics, and Archer Aviation are the brains behind Figure 01.  

 Saying that Figure 01 is not teleoperated, Adcock swiped at Elon Musk’s Optimus robot. In another context, Figure 01 is a self-sufficient unit, unlike Optimus, which gained notoriety for folding a shirt.  

 What is Adcock’s aim?  

The goal is to create a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence system to manage hundreds of millions of humanoid robots, potentially transforming several sectors. I, Robot is significantly more realistic than previously imagined. 




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