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OpenAI’s Sora Text-to-Video Generator to Launch Publicly Later This Year 

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati informs the Wall Street Journal that Sora will also include sound.  Soon, you can test out the popular text-to-video generator from OpenAI. Sora is going to be accessible this year. However, it might take a few months, according to OpenAI Director of Technology Mira Murati’s conversation with The Wall Street Journal. 

 In February, OpenAI introduced Sora, a machine-learning tool that can create hyperrealistic scenes in response to a text command. Although the technology was initially restricted to visual creators, designers, and movie makers, some Sora-generated videos found their way into platforms such as X.  

Murati states that OpenAI intends to “eventually” add audio to the tool and make it publicly available. It could enhance the authenticity of the scenarios. Since AI techniques can’t always produce precise photos, the business intends to let customers change the material in the movies Sora creates. Murati tells the Journal, “We are attempting to determine how to utilize this kind of technology as an instrument that individuals can modify and generate with.” 

Who is Mira Murati - The Interim CEO Leading OpenAI into the Future? - Tactyqal

Murati appeared to avoid the topic when it was questioned about the precise data that OpenAI utilized to train Sora. She states, “I will not go into the specifics of information employed, but it had been licensed or publicly available data.” Additionally, Murati states that she is still determining if it used YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram videos. She only acknowledged to the International Journal that OpenAI collaborated with Shutterstock, where Sora gets its content.  

Murati also told the Journal that powering Sora is “much more expensive.” When the tool is made available to the general public, OpenAI hopes to have it available at similar costs to DALL-E, the business’s AI text-to-image model. The Journal’s study has further examples of movies that may be created with this program.  

Two examples are  

  • an animated bull at a Chinese store 
  • an underwater creature smartphone reviewer  

 Concerns regarding generative artificial intelligence (AI) programs and their capacity to spread false information have only grown as the presidential election of 2024 draws near. According to Murati, it won’t be able to create pictures of famous people when Sora is launched, much like DALL-E’s guidelines. Video will also make a watermark to help viewers differentiate them from the actual thing, although watermarks are sometimes the best option, as my coworker Emilia David notes. 


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