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Oxford Students Embrace AI Assistance for Essay Writing

Oxford University has taken a ground-breaking step by encouraging undergraduates studying economics and management to use artificial intelligence (AI) when writing essays. Professor Steve New, who teaches a module on technology and operations management, suggested that before doing critical analysis, students should use AI tools like ChatGPT to create first drafts.

Prof. New stated that while AI has the potential to greatly improve essay quality, its application should be critical and thoughtful. He did, however, clarify that tutorial essays utilizing AI are not officially used in evaluations. Students participate in hour-long tutorial discussions with their tutors to review and improve their work after the AI-assisted drafting.

AI programs such as ChatGPT, which can write original essays based on a deep comprehension of language, have been praised for their capacity to imitate human speech, pass medical examinations, and generate scientific publications.


The Economics and Management course instructed students to double-check drafts produced by AI tools for errors and possible citation problems. The course directors recommended that each submission include an “AI statement” that described the tools used and how they were applied.

Prof. New emphasized in his guidelines that AI should improve critical thinking and self-assurance in creating strong arguments. He did, however, stress how crucial it is to preserve the authenticity of the students’ work and exhort them to write engaging, fact-based prose that represents their own opinions.

Reminders of the continued applicability of referencing and plagiarism policies were prompted by concerns expressed about AI’s potential to steer students toward particular intellectual or ideological positions. Pupils were advised not to reference any content from published sources unless they followed the standard bibliographic conventions.

The trend of encouraging students to develop “AI literacy” is in line with the use of AI tools in academic assignments. Recognizing AI’s critical role in future employment, the Russell Group of elite universities has committed to teaching students how to use it responsibly. The group’s institutions have embraced values that encourage the moral application of generative AI, including staff AI training.

Conceptualizing AI literacy: An exploratory review - ScienceDirect
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Oxford University has already expressed its support for the beneficial applications of AI tools in education. Even though ChatGPT and other AI tools have been acknowledged as revolutionary, the university has made it clear that using unapproved AI for exams and assessments is strictly forbidden and will result in severe disciplinary action. In a similar vein, Cambridge University allows students to use ChatGPT but mandates that they maintain authorship over their work to prevent investigations into academic misconduct.

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