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Sadiq Khan’s AI-Generated Fake Audio Caused ‘Serious Disorder’

AI was utilized in an audio clip to produce a clone of Mr. Khan’s voice speaking provocative statements before Armistice Day.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, claims that a deepfake audio recording of him making controversial remarks before Armistice Day almost caused “serious disorder.”

Mr. Khan has attacked the law’s approach to the problem and declared it “fit for purpose” Since the audio maker “got away with it.”

“It’s what we all know Sadiq thinks,” The man who had shared the video defended his actions after being confronted by the BBC. He said that this is what Mr. Sadiq Khan thinks according to his point of view. In another media appearance, he said I had made a big blunder.

Within the online community, the video became viral. The faker used artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic Mr. Khan’s speech, scripting his remarks to make critical remarks about Remembrance weekend and to advocate for the prioritization of pro-Palestinian marches scheduled on the same day.

Sadiq Khan says fake AI audio of him nearly led to 'serious disorder'

The voice on the recording, which has been made in secret, stated that the one-million-man Palestinian march on Saturday matters most.

Then it said, “The British public needs to get a grip. I control the Met Police, and they will do as the Mayor of London tells them.”

It said that “the buck stops with me” and that the prime minister’s meeting with Met Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley was “a waste of time.”

Mr. Khan said that the lines on the recording sounded like his voice on the BBC Radio 4 podcast, and you should not hate me for this.

When far-right organizations saw the video, it sparked demeaning remarks on the internet against Mr. Khan.

Mr. Khan stated in a BBC interview. “It’s upsetting when you have friends and family who see this stuff. I mean, my wife, my two girls, and my siblings are all here. Even My mother is with me.”

The London mayor told the BBC, “If you’re looking to plant conflict and cause problems, the timing couldn’t have been better.”

He said that What was being said represented the far right and others like a red rag to a bull. But what worried me the most was whether or not you were an innocent listener since it sounds like me, given the period and context, because it’s a covert undercover recording with inverted commas.

Deepfake audio might be used to incite disturbance in a community, a tight election, or a referendum, he said, adding, “We almost had serious disorder.”

It’s okay for others to criticize me. However, it is not appropriate to utilize AI to simulate lies. Additionally, the individual who did this needed to understand the substances that Saturday.

On Saturday, November 11, the two events took place. Soon after the two minutes of silence, activists organized a pro-Palestinian march that was observed nationwide.

However, the individuals associated with far-right organizations faced criticism after fights started and were taken into custody on a variety of accusations, including provoking racial hate.


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