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Samsung AI Fridge Launched, Which Supports Recipe Suggestions

The Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub+, Samsung AI Fidge is scheduled to debut in 2024. The refrigerator has state-of-the-art artificial intelligence features, such as a built-in camera that can distinguish between different foods and a linked app that can recommend meals depending on what’s in stock. The device, which is set to be unveiled at CES next year, has a 32-inch touchscreen that customers can use to mirror the display of their Galaxy phone. It also has apps specifically designed for TikTok and YouTube videos.

Although neither the internal camera nor the Family Hub app is brand new, they have both been considerably improved. By integrating with Samsung Health profiles, the Samsung Food app may personalize meals based on users’ dietary choices. This app can be accessed immediately on the fridge through the Family Hub. The “Image to Recipe” function uses enhanced Vision AI to identify foods in photos and then generate recipes for them. Recipes can be altered to suit different dietary needs, such as those who are gluten-free, pescatarian, dairy-free, vegan, or interested in fusion cuisine, with the Personalise tool.

Bespoke Family Hub™+ – Samsung's Most Intelligent and Customizable Refrigerator is Now Available - Samsung US Newsroom

Even though there are some limitations—for example, the Vision AI can only detect up to 33 different types of food—the Family Hub touchscreen allows users to manually enter expiration dates and receive reminders before products’ expiration.

The 2024 model prioritizes AI features above Internet of Things integrations, in contrast to earlier versions. As part of its artificial intelligence (AI) kitchen product line, Samsung sees the refrigerator as the showpiece that fits right in with the rest of the Samsung ecosystem. As pointed out in a 2016 review by The Verge, the marketing campaign highlights how smart home and AI technology has evolved, transcending the limitations of previous versions.

In 2024, Samsung will release its Anyplace Induction Cooktop, and this model hints at their intentions by laying the groundwork for an all-encompassing AI kitchen experience. You can browse recipes from the Samsung Food app on the seven-inch LCD screens of this hob, which has a slide-in range for easy positioning between kitchen cabinets.

NZ84F7NC6AB 80cm (W), 7.2kW Ceramic Glass Induction Hob | Samsung UK

Once The Verge receives a comment from Samsung regarding the release date and pricing information, we will provide updates.

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