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Singapore’s Atomionics To Use AI To Search Vital Minerals

The Singaporean startup Atomionics has released its gravity-and AI-based ore body-defining technology to its first client, a move that the firm claims would hasten the development of mining projects while reducing costs.

As part of its plan to identify metal ore deposits vital to the energy transition, CEO Sahil Tapiawala announced that the company had inked contracts with three large mining companies. This follows previous work in Queensland with Bridgeport Energy, a unit of New Hope (NHC.AX).

According to him, the mining majors are anticipated to complete data collection and analysis using Gravio, a “virtual drill” technology, early next year. “We are actively deploying for critical minerals, so specifically copper, nickel, zinc,” Tapiawala stated, noting that the technique was being adopted in both the United States and Australia.

For reasons of business secrecy, he chose not to reveal the miners’ identities. Several government departments and significant investors from Singapore support the privately held corporation. Atomionics uses gravity signatures of various minerals to determine their subsurface locations, similar to other exploration technologies.

According to Tapiawala, it can do this more accurately than traditional air-based survey methods and quickly define ore bodies by processing data in real-time using artificial intelligence. The price tag for mineral exploration might range from $10,000 to $50,000 for just one hole. Since a lithium miner may have to drill up to 400 holes to confirm a resource, creating a more precise virtual model is more cost-effective before drilling. “The key challenge is that sometimes (drill holes) don’t hit the reserve,” said Tapiawala. He said that the corporation is trying to halve the number of these “empty” samples.

The mining sector needs a foolproof way to locate minerals; they use various methods, such as aeromagnetic surveys and ground-penetrating radar. Another California business utilizing AI to find metals like lithium is KoBold Metals. Its supporters include billionaires Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

“The energy industry would traditionally defer to seismic data before undertaking any drilling project,” stated Cameron Fink, exploration manager at Bridgeport Energy. “With further development, Gravio can present as a low-cost alternative to traditional methods of exploration.”

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