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The AI Battle Ground: Amazon and Google Are After Microsoft

The Re-Invent conference, sponsored by Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) at the tail end of November, began with several announcements that demonstrated the e-commerce behemoth’s determination to contend with Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) early market supremacy in artificial intelligence. The next step in Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) journey was unveiled today with the release of an AI model programmed to mimic human behavior. Alphabet is the parent company of Google.

Gemini: A New Generative AI Product from Google:

To compete with Open AI’s GPT-4, which has Microsoft’s support, Google introduced its “generative AI model” Gemini today. Google hopes to set Gemini apart from competing models by emphasizing its native multimodal model’s ability to process text, video, images, audio, and code from the get-go rather than subsequently integrating these various models. That is to say, according to Google, their generative AI model outperforms the competition because it comprehends multimodal data better. Without a doubt, Google’s most significant effort to date in its fight against Open AI and Microsoft is Gemini. Gemini appears to have what Google needs to get out from behind finally.

Gemini: Google's Latest AI Challenging GPT-4
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A Fight Between Amazon and Microsoft Over AI:

Amazon focused on generative AI at its annual event, which showcases major novelties at “Amazon Web Services.” Among the most noteworthy announcements are the new Q chatbot, Trainium2, an improved artificial intelligence processor, and a strengthened relationship with industry leader Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA). Even though it hasn’t caught up to Google and Microsoft in terms of artificial intelligence just yet, Amazon is on the rise, and so is its enterprise-focused Q chatbot. Q is an assistant in general that Amazon created to help with tasks such as writing emails, summarizing reports, organizing seminars, and brainstorming business ideas. Using 17 years of AWS data to train its chatbot, Amazon hopes to set it apart from competitors.

Overall, the service is comparable to what Google and Microsoft give with their generative AI products; Amazon just showed an example of Q converting content from a company blog into a social media post complete with hashtags. With Q, though, Amazon will finally catch up to Google and Microsoft.

Anthropic, an AI developer backed by Amazon and creator of the Claude chatbot, has pledged to build future foundation models on top of its new Trainium2 chips, which will offer “training four times faster than the first-generation Trainium” while being “twice as energy efficient.” In the year 2024, Amazon will find itself prepared to take on Microsoft and Google in the race for generative AI supremacy.

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