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The COO of OpenAI Believes That AI for Business Is “Overhyped”

According to OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap, AI cannot revolutionize your business overnight. Enterprises may be OpenAI’s target market, but the company’s executives have cautioned that the technology will only revolutionize their industries for a while.

The idea that “in one fell swoop, [it] can deliver substantive business change” is one of the more exaggerated aspects of artificial intelligence, according to OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap in an interview with CNBC.

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According to Lightcap, several companies have approached OpenAI, hoping that generative AI would fix all their problems, drastically reduce their expenses, and restore their growth. Still, in its early stages, he claimed, “there’s never one thing you can do with AI that solves that problem in full” and that AI has plenty of room to grow. He said AI has yet to enter essential tools and applications since it is still in its experimental phase.

With the release of the enterprise edition of its famous ChatGPT platform, OpenAI has pledged to give improved safeguards for firms concerned with the security of sensitive and proprietary data and more model tuning possibilities. Lightcap stated that the company is currently addressing the lengthy wait for ChatGPT Enterprise.

After tech evangelists praised generative AI for its ability to simplify work, consumers and businesses began to see the technology’s promise. Microsoft, OpenAI, and Amazon were among the developers that released enterprise-focused generative AI models in response to concerns about inadvertent data releases.

Some workers at early adopter organizations have griped that the initial AI models could have more precisely simplified their jobs. According to a recent article in The Information, Morgan Stanley’s chatbot, developed with OpenAI, is reportedly not getting much use among its target demographic of wealth managers, who would rather speak with a human.

After a few setbacks involving offensive, irrelevant, or incorrect articles, several publishers have backed off their plans to use AI to create news items or guidelines to create more material for less money. This is especially true in the journalism industry. Also, there will be pushback against companies who use AI to pass off their material as human-written. Lightcap avoided discussing the day-to-day operations of OpenAI following the recent events that transpired at the firm.

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