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7 Best AI Tokens To Invest In 2024

The cryptocurrency market along with AI tokens has achieved a prosperous year of trading and has effectively regained momentum. A 16-month high in cryptocurrency trading volume indicates a significant bullish influence.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector has exhibited a robust upward trajectory this year, with numerous AI tokens within this domain showcasing gains exceeding 100%. This upward trend serves as evidence of the increasing interest among investors in AI.

In addition, the sector has begun to acquire significant traction in anticipation of “the fourth Bitcoin halving.” The impending halving is anticipated to generate substantial price movement in the cryptocurrency space as institutional investor inflows continue to rise.

What Do AI Tokens Mean?

By integrating blockchain technology and AI, these tokens simplify and automate the resolution of complicated structures. The purpose of AI tokens is to enhance the accessibility, scalability, security, and user experience.

AI Based Tokens
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This year, AI-based projects have attracted significant market attention because they implement more sustainable, secure, reliable, and efficient transaction and storage methods. Furthermore, this sector within the cryptocurrency industry is presently in its initial phase, underscoring the boundless potential for future advancements and developments.

AI Tokens in 2023:

The field of artificial intelligence is a dynamic sector that provides numerous advantages to its consumers. Additionally, 2023 has been a prosperous year for the AI sector, which has garnered significant market interest.

By multiplying their value, AI tokens surpassed the cryptocurrency industry in the first quarter. Nonetheless, it encountered a setback in the middle of the year due to a temporary sideways trend in the leading tokens. The bulls reclaimed their influence as the markets gained momentum and executed a noteworthy surge in the fourth quarter, thereby ensuring an excellent year for the entire category.

Top 7 AI Tokens to Purchase in 2024:

Numerous investors have shown interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) tokens despite the significant price volatility they have experienced this year. Furthermore, Injective and Render tokens have achieved a position on the list of the highest gainers so far this year, as each has generated a return exceeding 10x year-to-date.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that this particular category will experience significant growth during the upcoming rally, given the global rapid integration of artificial intelligence. The leading AI tokens for the forthcoming bull rally are enumerated below.

Graph (GRT):

As an indexing protocol, the Graph (GRT) blockchain provides support for a number of the most widely used Ethereum applications. As an inducement, network participants are awarded the GRT coin. It operates on a governance voting system and is extensively employed for subgraph queries, stake, and payments.

The Graph (GRT) experienced significant price volatility in 2023, as the venture augmented its holdings by more than 250%. It was introduced in 2020 and gathered momentum immediately. Achieved an ATH of $2.84 in the initial six months of 2021.

Given the substantial supply of 10.792 billion tokens, substantial price volatility is anticipated for GRT over the course of the upcoming year. In addition, it is anticipated that the token will encounter its critical resistance level of $0.50, rendering it a lucrative investment opportunity in the upcoming bull market cycle.

The Internet Computer (ICP):

The Internet Computer (ICP) is an innovative blockchain network designed to revolutionize computation and data storage with its emphasis on speed, stability, and efficiency. Its primary objective is to address the concerns pertaining to security, the improper use of private data, and our conventional network infrastructure.

The token debuted on the market on May 10, 2021, for $700.65. Subsequent to that, the price has exhibited substantial fluctuations in its chart. As of $4.29 billion in market capitalization and a total supply of 511.77 million tokens, the ICP price has ascended to the summit of its category.

Despite being traded at a 98.15 percent discount to its all-time high, the project’s fundamentals are solid, and it has amassed gains in excess of 140 percent year-to-date. During the forthcoming bull run, the token is anticipated to gain significant traction and will likely challenge its major opposition level of $37, resulting in a potential fourfold increase.

Render (RNDR):

Developed based on the Ethereum blockchain, the Render token is an ERC-20 token. Its primary function is to provide consumers with access to rendering-based services. Moreover, the services are classified into distinct tiers according to the pace and quality of the GPU owners.

The Render token was introduced to the public for the first time on April 27, 2020. There are 536.87 million RNDR tokens in circulation, and the token’s market capitalization is slightly more than $1.7 billion. The value of the project has increased by a factor of ten, positioning it among the leading gainers in the cryptocurrency sector in 2023.

At present, the token is experiencing robust favorable sentiment and is poised to end the year on a positive note. It is anticipated that the price of RNDR will experience significant growth in the year to come and may even surpass $10, making it a solid two-times investment for a portfolio.

Injective (INJ):

Injective (INJ) is an organization that focuses on the development of secure apps for the Decentralized Financial System (DeFi). Deflationary, governance, and stakeholder mechanisms make extensive use of INJ tokens in the Injective (INJ) ecosystem.

Since its introduction in October 2020 at a trading price of $0.40, the Injective price has garnered significant market interest this year, amassing gains of more than 3,100% thus far this year (YTD). A recent ATH of $44.61 for the token signifies a substantial favorable sentiment towards the token within the cryptocurrency market.

The Injective cryptocurrency has a market capitalization of over $3.4 billion and a supply of only 100 million. Given current market sentiments, it is anticipated that the price will attempt to surpass $100 within the next year, rendering it a prospective inclusion in a portfolio during that period.

Oasis Network (ROSE):

The Layer 1 blockchain Oasis Protocol seeks to generate private smart contracts and deliver fast transaction speeds. In the Oasis ecosystem, its native token, ROSE, is utilized for staking, delegation, and transaction fees.

In 2019, The Oasis Network debuted within the cryptocurrency industry. ROSE has a market capitalization of $921.52 million and a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens. After experiencing consistent growth after its initial public offering, it amassed an ATH of $0.5964 in 2021.

In 2023, the ROSE price recovered momentum as its portfolio increased by more than 300 percent. Additionally, in the year ahead, the price is anticipated to encounter its next significant level of resistance at $0.250, which makes it a possible purchase. (FET): (FET) is an innovative initiative that transforms the solution process within the ecosystem through the implementation of AI. It is the initial Decentralized Financial (DeFi) system to assist Uniswap users in automating trading by referencing historical sentiments. It is built on Ethereum.

In 2019, was initially introduced on the Binance Launchpad, where it acquired $29 million in funding prior to its mainnet launch. Moreover, the initiative was introduced to the public in 2020. The FET price garnered immediate market attention and registered an ATH of $1.19 in a relatively brief time frame.

The initiative has garnered substantial market interest lately and has achieved a sixfold return, positioning it among the most profitable endeavors of 2023. In addition, a new ATH is anticipated for the FET price in the subsequent cycle, with an anticipated target price of $1.50.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN):

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is a blockchain-based marketplace that connects data providers and consumers, making it a unique network. Investors have the opportunity to engage in governance or staking activities pertaining to this asset. OCEAN’s primary function is the delivery or exchange of data credentials via a secure location.

The Ocean Protocol has a market capitalization of $310 million and a maximum supply of 1.41 billion tokens. The OCEAN token garnered significant investor interest throughout 2023, resulting in portfolio gains exceeding 235%.

Notwithstanding its token being traded at a price reduction of more than 70%, its significance within the industry renders it an indispensable undertaking within the ecosystem. Additionally, it is anticipated that the token will soon reach its all-time high of $1.5, making it a possible three-times token in the bull run.

Final Thoughts:

Due to the fact that their price movement is influenced by a multitude of external factors, AI tokens remain in their infancy and are extremely volatile. Moreover, owing to their volatile nature, AI tokens are presently regarded as high-risk, high-reward investments. It is highly recommended to conduct research (DYOR) and grasp the associated risks before investing in any tokens.

Price manipulation and pump-and-dump schemes abound in the market, causing numerous investors to be liquidated and incur substantial losses. Ensure you maintain a stop loss in order to prevent significant losses from holdings.

The cryptocurrency market is anticipated to set a new all-time high during the impending bull run, which the industry is already approaching. In addition, a substantial upward trend in the AI category indicates that investors are becoming increasingly interested in it.

It is anticipated that the AI sector will experience significant growth in the near future due to the rapid integration of AI into people’s everyday existence. In addition, this category will have a significant impact in the future as a result of its distinctive operation and additional enhanced features.

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