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Acrobat’s Generative AI Assistant To “Easily Chat With Documents”

Acrobat PDF management software is gaining a new generative AI experience from Adobe, which aims to “completely transform the digital document experience” by facilitating the recognition and comprehension of information in lengthy documents. According to Adobe’s news release, the new tool, called “AI Assistant in Acrobat,” is a “conversational engine” that may “easily chat with documents” to obtain the information they want by summarizing files, answering inquiries, and making content-based recommendations. It’s accessible in beta for paid Acrobat customers today. If you’re having trouble navigating huge papers, try out the beta version of Adobe’s AI Assistant.

The goal of the chatbot is to make working with huge text documents easier and faster. This may include things like assisting students in finding the material they need for research assignments or condensing lengthy reports into concise highlights that can be shared in meetings, emails, or presentations. Word and PowerPoint are among the many document types that Acrobat’s AI Assistant is compatible with. The chatbot will not save any information from client papers or utilize it to train AI Assistants because it follows Adobe’s data security standards.

Adobe Acrobat's new AI chatbot helps users navigate massive documents - The Verge

When first released, AI assistants can analyze a document’s contents, provide answers to inquiries regarding those contents, and even suggest related questions for users to research. Additionally, users may add clickable connections to relevant material inside lengthy texts and have the functionality to generate citations so they can check the source of AI Assistant’s replies. The chatbot may also help Acrobat users organize and structure their data so it’s easier to read and utilize in various formats, such as reports, presentations, emails, and more.

Customers with Acrobat Standard ($12.99/month), Pro ($19.99/month), or Teams subscription levels may access the latest AI Assistant experience on desktop and online. Those clients will have access to AI Assistant “at no additional cost” throughout the test period. “Reader and Acrobat customers will have access to the full range of AI Assistant capabilities through a new add-on subscription plan when AI Assistant is out of beta,” said Abhigyan Modi, senior vice president for Adobe Document Cloud.

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Adobe has not yet announced the beta duration for AI Assistant, but the business does have a schedule for when new features will be released. Some of these capabilities are its integrations into its Firefly generative AI model, support for pulling information from several sources and documents at the same time, and tools for creating and modifying initial drafts.

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