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AI Gas Station Introduces Robot Fry Cooks for Quick Service

What about some chicken wings manufactured by robots? 

In the American countryside, an unknown tip says you can obtain the tastiest fried foods at a petrol station—or, as I discovered on my most recent road trip, really delicious tikka masala. With a robotic fry chef introduced to a spot previously occupied by a person who might or might not smell like they just took a smoke break, a single convenience store business hopes to change that. It makes some delicious fried chicken liver.  Re-Up, a network of convenience stores, stated that it will be installing The Wingman,” a Nala Robotics robotthat will drop fry buckets into boiling oil, roll chicken wings in sauce, and then dump the contents into buckets for eating. According to the business, the device will provide consumers with “completely personalized fried chicken, french fries, and other menu items” by utilizing “powerful artificial intelligence technology.” 

 A press quotation states, “The Wingman cooks any food effectively every single time, improves quality, and saves labor expenses because he never falls ill.” 

However, it doesn’t seem like the business is only interested in hiring robot fry cooks. According to Michael Salafia, the owner and CEO of Re-Up, “Our team have the ability to deliver our consumers practical, customized, reliable dining and shopping experiences by leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence.” Since Chet always recognized what I wanted, I felt relatively safe around him, yet this will be a distant future, true? 

 Re-Up presently operates nine locations (more are in the pipeline), one of which recently opened close to Melbourne Orlando International Airport in Melbourne, Florida. Re-Up’s website lists additional sites in Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama. It also includes this picture of a robotic arm with a robotic fingertip dipped into a cappuccino. 

 Kitchen robots are not unknown anymore. Chipotle and McDonald’s have been experimenting with robotic developments for some time. In 2022, Nala introduced its Wingman machine; however, it also has sandwich and pizza makers available. The future of cooking belongs to robot chefs. As long as they do not break down, are not dramatically expensive, and are easy to operate a company around. Observing someone gradually struggle with sandwich plating makes the future difficult to predict. However, Chet is also capable of serving sunny-side-up eggs with cracked yolks. 


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