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AI Innovator Sir Demis Hassabis Claims Video Games Boost Young Creativity 

According to a recently acclaimed Intelligence millionaire, the BBC has reported that parents who are frustrated by youngsters wasting time on gaming should concentrate on supporting their innovative use of technology. According to Sir Demis Hassabis, people must be inspired to develop and plan. 

 The co-founder and head of Google’s DeepMind was a keen video gamer and chess player as a child. 2014 saw Google acquire his company for an alleged £400 million. 

 Sir Demis claimed Today on BBC’s Radio 4 that his success was mainly due to his gaming. 

 He stated that developing one’s creative side is equally as vital as simply playing video games. I would advise parents to find ways to get their kids excited about topics and then use that to build their skills, as you cannot predict where your hobbies will lead. 

 According to him, kids need to be prepared for a world that is changing quickly and to appreciate that adaptability. 

 Before enrolling at Cambridge University, Sir Demis, a teenage chess prodigy, invented and programmed the multi-million dollar game Theme Park. 

 Following graduation, he started a video game company, finished his PhD in neuroscience, and 2010, co-founded DeepMind in London, which he later sold to Google. 

 He said he was pleased to get the honour of knighthood for his contributions to artificial intelligence in a post on X on Thursday. 

 According to what he said to the BBC, the knighthood was an honour granted to him and his colleagues in appreciation of their pioneering work in an artificial intelligence area and industry and their commitment to British society. 

He stated that he had no regrets about giving DeepMind to Google ten years prior because he believed it to be the ideal company with the necessary computational capacity to compete with the corporation.  

 According to him, the United Kingdom could not generate the thousands of millions of dollars needed to take on projects on a worldwide scale at the time.  

 Concerns have raised over AI’s usage in “deepfake” recordings that mimic actual people, particularly the use of genuine individual voices and appearances in sex videos produced by the technology.  

 Deepfake video detection has become “a heated armed conflict among those who attempt to dodge detection as well as those who are attempting to identify it,” according to researcher Christopher Doss of the think tank Rand Corporation.  

 Additionally, there are concerns that “algorithm bias” may result from how artificial intelligence is taught using data accessible to the public. It is especially problematic when it comes to automated decision-making processes like selecting appropriate resumes for job applicants. 

 Rishi Sunak, the prime minister, presided over the initial artificially intelligent summit in 2023, acknowledging that there was “concern” about the potential effects of new tools on the workplace but arguing that they will eventually increase productivity as the field of artificial intelligence proliferates.  

 Alongside other societal-scale hazards like pandemics and nuclear war, reducing the possibility of mortality from artificial intelligence should be a global goal, according to a statement signed by Sir Demis at that summit.  

 In an interview with BBC corporate journalist Simon Jack, Sir Demis stated he did not perceive himself as a person as Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the nuclear weapon.  

 He claimed that the scientists of his generation had paid attention to caution regarding the potential dangers associated with misusing science’s power. He went on to say that artificial intelligence offers fantastic benefits that go beyond nuclear power. 




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