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 Amazon Started “AI Ready” Initiative, Offering Free AI Classes for Skill Development

Amazon is pushing people to explore the field of artificial intelligence (AI) with the launch of “AI Ready,” a new program that aims to teach two million people in AI skills for free by 2025. In a blog post on Monday, the business announced this program, emphasizing its dedication to providing people with the knowledge and skills required for jobs involving artificial intelligence.

With regard to “AI Ready,” Amazon is providing eight new seminars at no cost that are tailored to different professional goals and experience levels. According to Amazon, there’s a class that’s appropriate for everyone, regardless of expertise level—whether you’re a beginner interested in AI or a seasoned professional looking to advance your skills. Notably, more than 50,000 high level and college students will get access to a new generative AI course thanks to the program. To help teachers teach kids about generative AI, and Amazon have partnered.

The free classes target a range of AI use cases and span a variety of lengths, topics, and skill levels. While Amazon offers over 80 other AI classes and resources on Amazon Web Services (AWS), not all of them are free. “AI Ready” offers an introduction to generative artificial intelligence.

This is perceived as an aggressive drive by Amazon to meet the increasing need for AI expertise in the workforce. The course “Introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence” is marketed as a beneficial tool for anyone who want a basic understanding of how generative AI works. The overarching objective of Amazon’s “AI Ready” project is to empower two million people with AI abilities by 2025. It also seeks to close the skills gap in this quickly developing industry by increasing accessibility to AI education.

Amazon is reiterating its commitment to democratizing AI skills by broadening its training offerings with a variety of AI seminars tailored to both technical and business-oriented audiences. Both courses exploring the technical nuances of AI creation and those intended for non-technical consumers are included in the extensive roster.

Non-Technical and Business AI Courses:

  • An overview of artificial intelligence that is generative: Designed for beginners, this course is more of an introduction, similar to “Generative AI 101.”
  • A Learning Plan on Generative AI for Decision Makers: This track, which consists of three courses, is intended to help participants develop generative AI initiatives and move their organizations toward generative AI readiness.
  • A Brief Overview of Amazon CodeWhisperer Though regarded as a “technical” course, this one gives customers an overview of Amazon’s AI code generator and an understanding of its workings.

Developer and Technical Classes:

  • Foundations of Prompt Engineering: aimed at the technical side of artificial intelligence, this course teaches the fundamentals of prompt engineering and improves one’s ability to communicate with generative AI.
  • Amazon Machine Learning with Low-Code: This course teaches people who have never coded before how to build AI models without requiring a lot of technical knowledge.
  • Building Language Models on AWS: This course teaches participants how to build language models, the foundation of generative AI, using SageMaker training libraries.
  • Using Amazon Transcribe: An Overview This course focuses on Amazon Transcribe and teaches students how to convert speech to text—a crucial skill in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Developing Applications for Generative AI with Amazon Bedrock: By providing an understanding of Amazon Bedrock, this course enables users to build efficient generative AI applications.

This varied selection of courses, which are intended for a broad audience with differing degrees of technical proficiency, highlights Amazon’s dedication to democratizing AI education. Amazon’s AI education project intends to offer useful and easily accessible learning experiences in the ever-evolving field of artificial intelligence, catering to a wide range of learners, including developers, business decision-makers, and technical enthusiasts.

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