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Ethiopia Invests $250 Million in Bitcoin and AI Tech Expansion

BitCluster, a Russian bitcoin mining startup, is leading Ethiopia‘s aims to build a $250 million mining and artificial intelligence data center. The project represents a significant advancement in the country’s efforts to incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as Bitcoin and artificial intelligence, into its economic framework.

Ethiopia is using its renewable energy resources to drive the development of AI and bitcoin mining to become a global leader in the digital economy. Project Mano is a scheme to use Ethiopia’s renewable energy resources. This scheme is a part of this grand project. Its goal is to act as a guide for incorporating these technologies into Ethiopia’s economy.

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The project calls for building a 30,000-square-meter, 120-megawatt plant next to the Kilinto high-voltage substation in Addis Ababa. Its strategic location allows it to take advantage of Ethiopia’s fertile renewable energy resources, particularly the hydroelectric power produced by Africa’s largest hydroelectric project, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. In addition to helping the nation meet its environmental targets, this sustainable strategy guarantees the continuous power supply necessary for the energy-intensive operation of bitcoin mining. The large capacity of the facility will accommodate more than 34,000 Antminer S21 200Th miners, contributing a significant 6.8 EH/s, or roughly 1.2% of the overall hash rate of the Bitcoin network. This development highlights how the Bitcoin mining industry is increasingly paying attention to renewable energy. It draws attention to how mining operations have diversified geographically, including regions with favorable climates and renewable energy sources.

Considered a game-changer for Ethiopia, this fits the nation’s larger goals of becoming a center of technical innovation and sustainable development. Ethiopia hopes to draw attention and investment to its tech sector globally by utilizing its renewable energy potential. It also opens up new avenues for employment, growth, and development. According to the Project Mano proposal, Ethiopia’s effort to include bitcoin mining into its economy can boost GDP by $2 to $4 billion yearly. This calculated action will strengthen the country’s economy and improve its technology base. It will establish itself as a front-runner in the sustainable energy-powered Bitcoin mining industry. Ethiopia is indicating with this move that it is prepared to take advantage of blockchain and artificial intelligence opportunities. As the initiative progresses, Ethiopia’s rapidly growing tech sector. Its dedication to creative and sustainable economic development will soon be brought to the world’s attention.


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