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FCC Prohibits AI Voices in Robocalls to Protect Voters

The Federal Communications Commission prohibited artificial intelligence-generated voices in robocalls on Thursday. This move makes it very apparent that using technology to fool people and deceive votes will not be allowed. It is a preventive act to protect the voters.

A 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act prohibits trash calls that employ artificial and pre-recorded voice messages. The legal basis for the majority ruling targets robocalls created using AI voice-cloning techniques.

AI-generated voices in robocalls can deceive voters. The FCC just made them illegal | The Hill

The statement overlaps with the advancement of the search by New Hampshire authorities into artificial intelligence (AI), which produced robocalls that used President Joe Biden’s voice to discourage voters from casting votes in the state’s first-ever primary last month.

The rule takes effect right now and gives the FCC the authority to punish businesses that employ artificial intelligence (AI) voices in their calls or to stop serving service providers who do. According to the FCC, it provides state attorneys general with a new tool to take action against offenders and allows call receivers to initiate cases.

In a press statement, FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said that Nasty individuals are using AI-generated voices to mimic celebrities, blackmail vulnerable family members, and mislead voters through robocalls. We’re alerting the scammers responsible for these robocalls.

It is a clear warning call from the authorities to the individuals involved in any illegal and offensive act to stop immediately, or they may pay the consequences.


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