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Tong Tong: World’s first AI toddler

Chinese scientists created the first “AI child” in the world. It behaves and thinks like a human toddler of three or four years old in terms of emotions. Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI) created the world’s first artificial intelligence toddler model. They named the model Tong Tong, or Little Girl.

For now, Tong Tong is as brilliant as a child. But it is constantly improving it. Researchers at BIGAI propose that Tong Tong continue to advance her values, knowledge, and skill set by interacting with others.

According to the scientists, Tong Tong can learn independently and exhibit an emotional capacity for involvement. There was no other previous AI model with this ability.

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It can even recognize and express emotions like pleasure, anger, and sorrow, as well as respond appropriately to the emotional states of others, demonstrating its remarkable capacity to read human emotions.

Last month, Tong Tong was presented at the Beijing Frontiers of General Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference.

Interacting with Tong Tong lets visitors see its human-like abilities, such as its tendency to be a neat freak who can straighten picture frames and clean up spilled milk.

Along with her various motions and facial expressions, Tong Tong can also carry on a conversation.

In a promotional video of the model, it was said that Tong Tong “possesses a mind and strives to understand the common sense taught by humans.”

“She can influence the future, knows right from wrong, and expresses her attitudes in various situations.”

World-renowned AI expert Zhu Songchun, the director of BIGAI, claims that for AI to progress, it must be able to do an endless variety of jobs and independently create new ones.

He stated, “We must create entities that can comprehend the natural world and have a wide range of skills to advance towards general artificial intelligence.”

Better advanced AI, like Tong Tong, would wish to live among humans in light of the accounts of violent and renegade AI.

But it might just be wishful thinking.


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