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Google AI Search Faces Issues with Malware and Scams 

Earlier this month, Google began to launch the company’s latest  Search Generative Experience (SGE), which brought AI-generated outcomes for searches to certain pages. Sadly, it appears that the new function is currently experiencing some difficulties, as reports suggest that it might be using its generated responses to promote malware and fraudulent websites. 

Certainly, this is not a good image for Google’s artificial intelligence search engine, particularly in light of the numerous doubts about the technology’s reliability and the company’s decision not to include its newest models on the basic  Pixel 8. Google is still moving on with its artificial intelligence efforts regardless of these reservations, and it looks like the failures are continuous. 

According to BleepingComputer, Google search results seem to suggest dangerous and spammy websites among their range of results. Users will find it much simpler to fall for fraud as a result, particularly if Google promotes this to a greater number of people with various levels of artificial intelligence exposure. 

According to a report by BleepingComputer, when they decided to look for pups on purchase, they were immediately directed to spamming websites that might be infected with malware by AI-generated answers. It seems that browsing any of these web addresses would divert the user multiple times until they arrived at a fraudulent website. To encourage consumers to let the websites keep informing them of things, several of the websites seemed to be imitating YouTube push alerts. According to BleepingComputer, after subscribing to one of the websites, they started receiving spam that included false giveaway pages that claimed that the consumer was the winner of something and advertisements for technical support fraud.  

 It must be remembered that I activated Chrome’s Google SGE feature while doing research for this article. But neither of the searches I did generated any results like this. Google might be working to fix the problem because all of my queries indicated that they were unable to come up with any artificial intelligence results. However, the fact that it even occurred is disheartening and highlights the continuous battle that the tech company confronts with websites that are infected with malware and spam. I would recommend reading BleepingComputer’s in-depth study if you’re interested in learning more since they offer plenty of fantastic first-hand knowledge that I am sadly unable to duplicate as SGE fails to respond to my requests. 



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