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Google to Introduce On-Device AI Features on Pixel 8 Soon 

Today, Google declared that the Pixel 8 would soon get AI-powered on-device services like summary recording and intelligent responses. The Gemini Nano, a little variant Google announced last year and ready to operate on devices, will be the foundation for these functions. 

 According to the business, the upcoming Pixel technology drop will include a developer peek of Summarizer in Recorder and Smart Reply in Gboard. The business revealed these capabilities during the official introduction of the Pixel 8 in October of last year. Functions enabled by Gemini Nano were previously limited to the Pixel 8 Pro and the Galaxy S24. 

The business stated that we have been evaluating and verifying the functionality of Pixel 8 phones as operating large language models in smartphones with various memory requirements can result in different customer experiences. We are thrilled to give a greater audience and programmers the chance to test our Gemini Nano, and we anticipate witnessing more creativity and hearing more feedback.” 

 Up to this point, Google has focused chiefly on artificial intelligence using cloud features, regardless of whether they are intended for cell phones. 

 Google released “Circle to Search” in January for a limited number of Pixel and Samsung electronics. This week, the firm said the Circle to Search function will be available on additional Pixel, Samsung phones, and some tablets. The function will be updated to enable real-time interpretation of the material displayed on the screen. 



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