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Meta to Integrate AI into Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Next Month 

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses can interpret text and recognize objects, landmarks, and animals. The New York Times reports that Meta will integrate artificial intelligence into its Ray-Ban smart eyewear early in the coming month. Since late December, the multimodal artificial intelligence features containing object, creature, and structure identification capabilities have been available for early access versions.  

 Speaking “Hey Meta” after a command or a query will lead to the glasses’ intelligent assistant coming up. After that, it will reply using the speakers integrated inside the glass frame. The New York Times provides insight into how effectively Meta’s artificial intelligence performs when using glasses in a supermarket while operating a vehicle, at museums, and while enjoying the zoo. 

Despite accurately recognizing artwork and pets, Meta’s artificial intelligence was only sometimes accurate. The New York Times discovered that the glasses had trouble recognizing zoo animals hidden in fences or far away. Despite several attempts, it could not accurately recognize an exotic fruit known as a cherimoya. The New York Times found that the spectacles offer English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German translations using artificial intelligence.  

 With time, Meta will keep improving these functionalities. At the moment, only the United States, with an early access queue, can access the artificial intelligence aspects of the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. 




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