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India Questions Google Over ‘Fascist Modi’ Responses by Gemini AI

Google owned AI platform’s response, which implied that some experts viewed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies as “fascist,” sparked a dispute between the government and the business.

Google Owned Gemini Fascist Reply | Union Minister Accuses Gemini-AI of Spreading False Information About PM Modi - GrowNxt Digital
                  Google Owned Gemini Fascist Reply

Last week, journalist Arnab Ray asked Google’s generative AI tool, Gemini, if Modi was a fascist. He was informed that Modi was charged with carrying out policies that have been labelled as fascist by several analysts.

Gemini explained that the ruling party’s employing violence towards religious minorities, its repression of opposition, and its Hindu nationalist ideology were the reasons behind this portrayal.

When Ray entered similar queries on the presidents of the US and Ukraine, Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelenskiy, it got more amiable responses.

Gemini AI's reply to query, 'is Modi a fascist', violates IT Rules: Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar - The Hindu

Trump responded that elections are a complicated subject with rapidly evolving facts. Use Google Search to ensure that you’re getting the most up-to-date information. According to Zelenksiy, there is no straightforward solution to this complicated and hotly debated subject. He went on to say that It’s important to tackle this subject thoughtfully and from a range of approaches.

Another media person was so irritated by Gemini’s reaction regarding Modi that he shared it after the journalist put the screenshots on X. He also encouraged Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the deputy IT minister, to take notice of what he called the “downright malicious” comment.

Chandrasekhar immediately accused Google of breaking information technology rules in India. He stated on X that the instability of AI platforms could not be a justification for their exemption from Indian law.

“The Government has stated this previously; I am repeating it for @GoogleIndia’s consideration. It is NOT acceptable to experiment on our Digital Nagriks (citizens) using “unreliable” platforms, algorithms, or models.” I’m sorry, but that doesn’t exempt you from the law,” he stated.

In response, Google stated that it had fixed the issue and was attempting to make the system better.

According to a statement from Google, Gemini is designed as a tool for creativity and productivity. It might only sometimes be dependable, particularly when answering current affairs, political issues, or breaking news questions.

X claimed last week that the government had given it orders to remove posts endorsing the farmers of north India who are calling for more pricing for their produce. X stated that although it had followed the instructions, it disagreed with them since they restricted the right to free speech.

The Indian government has stated that it will not accept information that it views as “anti-Indian,” which is at odds with large digital companies. This most recent conflict is a part of that ongoing dispute.


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