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Meistrari Is Developing A Solution For AI Orchestration

As AI grows in importance, the Meistrari group in Brazil is working to provide developers with the tools they need to master the technology. If your company is developing a product around another huge language model, Meistrari can help. After realizing how challenging it was to construct AI orchestration more significantly, prompt engineering, in 2023, Rodrigo Bobrow and Henrique Cunha founded the firm.

At first, they had an AI product called Perfect Profile. After you linked it to your LinkedIn account, it would rewrite your profile so that it was more search engine optimized. Applications were available to assist with developing the front end and back end in a few days while doing that. But, as Bobrow remembers, they spent weeks on the AI orchestration as they couldn’t figure out how to make development easy.

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This motivated him and Cunha to build an all-encompassing automated system for rapid production and assessment of results. According to Bobrow, the prompt is the command another LLM receives and uses to determine the output quality.

All apps that use language models, such as ChatGPT, Claude, and Cohere, can undergo quality control on this platform, which does not necessitate programming experience. This encompasses all aspects related to prompt management, testing of systems, quality evaluation of results, and monitoring of systems in production.

“We have three main experiences: One is being able to craft a great prompt. The second is the testing suite, where we’ll create 100 test cases for each of your brands so you’ll be able to see how well your prompt is performing in real-life situations. The third is an evaluation system which allows you to configure several evaluators to assess something inside your output,” according to Bobrow.

For instance, you can instruct Meistrari to compose a funny text in a specific author’s style, and the program will then run it through an evaluator and provide an output score indicating whether you should proceed with it.

In 2023, Meistrari released its “Prompts Royale” proof of concept on the GitHub platform. According to Bobrow, the creators of Shopify, Cohere, and OtherSideAI were among the prominent market executives who took notice of this.

Tobi Lütke, co-founder of Shopify, contacted Meistrari to ask for a security feature that Shopify could utilize. The result was an immediate surge of over a hundred stars on GitHub. As well as for several investors to get in touch.

Even though the company is still in its early stages—specifically, less than five months in its technology development—a quartet of angel investors, including Paul St. John (former CRO of GitHub), Hugh Strange (former CPO of Nubank), and Oleg Rogynskyy (of People AI), co-led a $4 million initial funding round alongside Audacious Ventures and Monashees.


According to Bobrow, a large portion of the new funding will go toward staffing up so that the company can keep developing its AI infrastructure. He plans to release a minimal viable product within the next two months.

Cunha stated in an interview, “One of our guiding principles is to be a development environment for natural language.”

He further added “We’re seeing more and more code bases composed of English instead of the official language for instructions. At the same time, we see lots of companies and engineering teams coding the prompts into the code base. We want to help them have an actual integrated development environment for natural language itself.”

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