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Walmart Introduces A New GenAI Search Technology At CES

At Tuesday’s CES convention in Las Vegas, Walmart (WMT.N) introduced two new AI-powered tools to automate the re-ordering of commonly requested items and to aid users in conducting speedy product searches.

The new GenAI search tool, created by merging Microsoft’s AI models with Walmart’s shopper data, allows customers to search for products based on specific use cases rather than brand names or objects. This was made possible by the world’s largest retailer.


According to the statement, customers will be able to obtain a curated catalog of products by conducting searches using phrases like “help me plan a unicorn-themed party for my daughter” or “a football watch party.” This eliminates the need for them to look for chips, wings, and balloons individually.

It stated that later this year, the feature, which is presently available to iOS users, will also be rolled out to users of its website and Android app. The organization demonstrated an additional application of artificial intelligence by announcing the creation of “Walmart In Home Replenishment,” a tool that will assist customers of its subscription-based InHome delivery program inefficiently restocking their online shopping carts with frequently purchased products.

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Retailers, similar to the cars and electronic device industries, are competing to identify practical applications for Generative AI technology, which has proliferated since the introduction of ChatGPT in late 2022.

Amazon.com, a competitor of Walmart (AMZN.O), has implemented generative AI tools to assist advertisers in optimizing their ad targeting and enable retailers to generate promotions efficiently. At the CES conference on Monday, Volkswagen declared that its vehicles would be equipped with ChatGPT.

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Walmart also launched a service enabled by artificial intelligence and computer vision on Tuesday, which would eliminate the need for Sam’s Club customers to have their receipts verified by an employee. The company also extended the availability of its internal AI tool, My Assistant, to employees in eleven countries.

Presently operational as a demonstration program in ten Sam’s Club locations, the technology captures images of shopping carts and verifies payment for all items contained within a basket using a combination of exit-area cameras and AI-processing technology.

Shoppers have repeatedly cited exit line wait times as a “pain point.” In response, Walmart plans to swiftly implement this technology in nearly 600 clubs by the end of the year.

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