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Tomtom And Microsoft Joint Venture Generative AI for Global Automobile Industry

Using Microsoft’s AI breakthroughs, TomTom and Microsoft has created an AI-powered conversational assistant for cars. This assistant allows for more advanced voice interactions with the car’s informational content, location search, and command systems. By using voice commands, drivers can do things like raise the temperature, open the windows, or change the radio station—all while interacting organically with their vehicle’s AI-powered assistant. The assistant can also help drivers identify specific stops along their trip and navigate to a specified destination. It only takes one exchange.

The solution incorporates Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Kubernetes Services, and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services to leverage huge language models. By integrating the voice assistant with other car infotainment systems, car buyers may speed up time-to-market on a user-friendly interface that they can personalize while maintaining control over their brand and the driving experience. The open and modular TomTom Digital Cockpit in-vehicle infotainment system also incorporates the solution.

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“Together with Microsoft, our shared vision is to drive innovation with generative AI and provide our customers with even better solutions,” says Mike Schoofs, Chief Revenue Officer of TomTom, about the company’s partnership with Microsoft. “Leveraging our navigation and technology expertise, we’re creating a groundbreaking new way for people to interact with their vehicles. With both companies integrating what they do best into one solution, we’re transforming the in-vehicle experience, enabling drivers to ask their car for anything and trust it will deliver.” he further stated.

Dominik Wee, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for production and mobility, commented “With this next generation of AI, we have a unique opportunity to accelerate innovation across the entire automotive sector.” “We’re building on our longstanding collaboration with TomTom and bringing together AI advances across the Microsoft Cloud with TomTom’s automotive expertise to provide drivers and carmakers with new AI-powered tools. This integration will enable OEMs to offer highly differentiated and unique cockpit experiences, while preserving their unique brand identity.”

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In 2016, when TomTom powered Azure Maps location services, the collaboration between the two firms soon expanded to include “mapping data and services for Microsoft’s first-party maps.” Their partnership has progressed to the point that the two businesses are now working together on automotive solutions, such as creating a digital cockpit and infotainment system that integrates cloud analytics and driving innovation for generative AI-powered car solutions.


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