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Snapchat Plus Now Allowing Subscribers to Share AI Generated Snaps

In a significant development, Snapchat has expanded its repertoire of generative AI features, introducing a novel tool that empowers Snapchat Plus subscribers to craft personalized images based on text prompts and share them with their friends.

Users with a $3.99 subscription plan can use this feature by tapping the “AI” button located on the right side of the toolbar in the camera interface. A window appears when activated, allowing users to enter a text prompt or select from a list of pre-made options, like “a futuristic disco” or “a rocket preparing for liftoff.”

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The magic happens when users can edit the image and add a personalized message before sending it to their contacts via the Snapchat app. This is made possible by the AI that works so quickly to generate an image based on the prompt. Snapchat is rolling out more AI-powered subscriber benefits as part of its ongoing innovation.

By skillfully filling in the background, one such feature uses AI to adjust how far the photo subject appears from the camera. Users can access the “crop” icon on the camera interface by taking a close-up picture and choosing “extend.”

Snapchat+ subscribers can now use AI to generate or extend images within the app
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Additionally, Snapchat is releasing an update for its “Dreams” feature, a well-liked AI selfie function that modifies images according to theme selections. With the addition of the ability to apply Dreams to photos of friends, Snapchat Plus subscribers will now receive a free pack of eight Dreams every month.

With the addition of these developments, Snapchat’s ongoing efforts to incorporate AI features into its platform have progressed even further. Notable previous efforts include the launch of an AI chatbot in April that was accessible to all users and the incorporation of ChatGPT, which enables developers to create filters.

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Snapchat continues to lead the way in technological advancement with the release of these cutting-edge AI features, providing a more dynamic and richer experience for its users all year long.

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