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Leonardo.Ai Generates 700 Million AI Images on AWS Under A Year

Leonardo.Ai, an Australian firm that uses AWS to manage its fast expansion, becomes the first in Asia-Pacific to complete AWS’s global Generative AI Accelerator program.

Yesterday, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that Leonardo.Ai, an Australian generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) content production platform, produces 4.5 million new images daily on the world’s most extensive and widely used cloud. Leonardo.Ai users have generated over 700 million images and trained over 400,000 custom generative AI models on the company’s platform since its introduction in December 2022. The firm is revolutionizing content creation by allowing individuals worldwide to develop ideas and hyper-realistic visuals ranging from environments to portraits appropriate for videos, games, and websites in gaming, media, entertainment, and marketing. Leonardo.Ai also boasts one of the world’s largest generative AI communities. With over 1.8 million users, it is the third most popular Discord channel.


Leonardo.AI chose AWS as its cloud provider due to a surge of users that its previous cloud provider needed help handling. Leonardo.Ai was obliged to implement a waitlist to limit organic growth to maintain excellent performance and a quality user experience. To address this issue, the startup switched its workloads to AWS in less than two weeks, and the robustness, security, and scalability of AWS’s global infrastructure enabled Leonardo.Ai to manage the ongoing spike in user growth efficiently. Leonardo.Ai users are unlocking creativity and accelerating content production from months to minutes by leveraging AWS’s world-class infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services is the biggest and most popular cloud since 2006. AWS offers over 240 full-featured services for computation, storage, databases, networking purposes, data analytics, machine learning and AI, VR and AR, media, IoT, mobile, security, hybrid, and application development, management, and deployment from 102 Availability Zones in 32 geographic regions. Millions of customers, including the most rapidly expanding startups, largest enterprises, and top government agencies, use AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and reduce costs. AWS information is at

To speed up Leonardo.AI’s worldwide expansion plans, the business runs numerous large language models (LLMs) on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Inf2 instances for low-cost and high-performance generative AI inference. AWS Inferentia2, the second-generation AWS Inferentia accelerator, powers Amazon EC2 Inf2 instances. Using Inf2 instances, the company reduced inferencing expenses by 60% while increasing language model inference speeds by up to 35%.


“The generative AI space is evolving rapidly, and AWS is assisting us in shaping this industry through technical support, business development, and mentorship.” Our rapid expansion is only possible because we are growing our workloads on AWS to meet rising customer demand. Our users have created an astounding 700 million photographs on our site in less than a year. If you spent one second on each image, it would take you over 19 years to see them all,” stated Peter Runham, co-founder and CTO of Leonardo.Ai. “AWS also linked us to its vast network of innovative AI partners, which was critical to our growth.” We’re investigating how Amazon Bedrock can assist our clients’ different innovative use cases.”

Leonardo.AI was chosen as the first Asia-Pacific startup to participate in the global AWS Generative AI Accelerator in May, which offers promising startups up to $300,000 in AWS credits to build and refine their offerings, mentorship from AI and machine learning (ML) industry leaders, networking opportunities, and technical support from AWS product teams. AWS has proven critical to the startup’s capacity to scale internationally and quickly since it completed the program. AWS also assisted the Leonardo.Ai team with AWS infrastructure management, secure graphics card unit provisioning, and technical support, allowing the Leonardo.Ai team to focus more on developing its features and building its user base.

“Australia produces exceptional technology talent, and we’re thrilled to be a part of Leonardo.Ai’s rapid growth,” said Bratin Saha, AWS’s vice president of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. “With the help of Amazon Bedrock, Leonardo.Ai will be able to quickly experiment with a wide range of foundational models from leading AI companies, ushering in a new era of creativity and expressive imagination.” We are excited to assist Leonardo.Ai is on a quest to become a worldwide leader in generative AI content production by using AWS’s world-class infrastructure and technologies.”

Leonardo.Ai just launched an iOS mobile application to give consumers extra freedom, allowing users to use its platform to change the style and tone of submitted photographs on a mobile device. An interior designer, for example, can submit a snapshot of a furnished room and use Leonardo.Ai to modernize the surroundings, change the color scheme, or adopt a specific style using custom AI models or extra cues from the designer.


To accommodate the growing demand for AI-generated production-quality images, Leonardo.Ai has developed an API. The API enables businesses to integrate Leonardo.Ai’s technology into their software environments quickly, integrate bespoke AI models, and conduct advanced generative AI actions within their production suite. The API also enables Leonardo.Ai to provide its customers with access to premium and exclusive material, such as purpose-built AI models that cater to specific needs, such as brand and style standards, from a client of an advertising agency.

To provide Axon Create, Leonardo.Ai linked its API with its first business customer, Razer, a Singapore-based leading global lifestyle brand for gamers. Using generative AI, this program allows Razer users to create amazing high-definition wallpaper for their PCs on demand.

“We wanted to make it simple for our customers to personalize their gaming setups.” Collaboration with Leonardo.Ai was a natural fit When it came to Axon Create,” said Quyen Quach, Razer’s vice president of Software. “For Gamers, By Gamers is our guiding principle for product development, and Leonardo.Ai’s ability to understand gaming language resulted in a seamless experience for our gamers to generate artwork that aligns with their specific interests.”

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