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Retorio Secures €9 Million in Series A Funding to Expand Personalized AI Coaching Platform

Retorio, a Munich-based software company, has raised €9 million in Series A funding to expand the use of its customized AI coaching platform. SquareOne, a well-known venture capital firm with a focus on B2B technology and located in Berlin, is the main investor driving this new investment round. Porsche Ventures, the venture capital division of Porsche AG, and Storm Ventures, a respected venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, are among the major investors who have joined this investment. Notably, several DAX board members’ and entrepreneurs’ family offices and Basinghall Partners, Passion Capital, Sofia Angels Ventures, and other seasoned investors have actively participated in this round.

The core of Retorio’s strength is its groundbreaking Behavioral Intelligence technology, an advanced system that uses video analysis to identify and improve successful behaviors in leadership, sales, and service teams. Five of Germany’s ten most profitable organizations have quickly and affordably seen significant improvements in employee performance since adopting Retorio’s platform.

Retorio’s co-CEO, Dr. Christoph Hohenberger, stressed, “Our customized AI coaching transforms strategies for multinational corporations, enabling them to identify and spread good behaviors throughout their organizational landscape. Being agile means that you can react quickly to changing market conditions, which is essential for success in a more cutthroat global marketplace. With strong investor support and triple-digit sales growth, we’re getting ready to enter the US market.”


Retorio was founded in 2018 and offers AI coaching that works well with staff members’ daily tasks. It initiates virtual training sessions within CRM systems or other platforms like as HRIS, allowing sales staff to prepare for forthcoming customer encounters and providing supervisors with access to comparable modules for performance reviews. Using generative AI, real-world scenarios are condensed into learning materials, providing sales and support teams with specialized, up-to-date training that guarantees their preparedness for upcoming assignments.


According to Retorio, AI will enable people to become more powerful, reach their full potential, and become the best versions of themselves. According to SquareOne’s Charlotte Baumhauer, an investment manager, “Retorio’s AI technology uncovers untapped growth prospects for companies, leveraging behavioral data to substantially elevate sales performance at scale.”

Retorio’s customers include American, British, and Asian companies in industries as diverse as automotive, insurance, telecommunications, and logistics. These businesses use Retorio’s practical AI coaching to close skill and motivation gaps, monitor behavioral data, and highlight corporate transformation progress because they understand how important employee presentation is to business success.

“AI enriches our human capabilities, refining our interpersonal skills,” stated Dr. Patrick Oehler, co-CEO and founder of Retorio. Employees are given priority by our technology, which helps them become more self-aware in their dealings with clients and coworkers. Personal development is just as important as business success. Our digital coach provides frank criticism for ongoing development by utilizing thousands of best practices.”

Retorio has reaffirmed its commitment to transforming workforce development and laid the stage for strategic growth with its newest financing injection. This will push AI-driven individualized coaching to new heights.



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