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Now Google Bard Can Watch Youtube Videos and Answer Questions

With the latest version, Google’s AI chatbot Bard can now understand and reply to queries about YouTube videos. Although Bard could previously analyze videos on YouTube, this most recent update enables viewers to have more involved discussions about the videos. As per the official blog post, this progress signifies the preliminary measures towards augmenting Bard’s comprehension of YouTube videos, hence providing consumers with an enhanced immersive experience.

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Users can now, for example, ask questions regarding specific elements that are shown in a video, like the ingredients needed for a recipe that is shown in the first video on how to make olive oil cake. Google stressed its dedication to letting people interact with YouTube videos more deeply, enhancing discussions with Bard over the material.

The YouTube Extension for Bard was first released in September, allowing users to search for specific videos. After this most recent upgrade, Bard can now comprehend video information more thoroughly, which promotes richer engagement.

The method of turning on the YouTube addon in Bard is simple. To access the Bard site, users can click on the puzzle icon located in the upper right corner. Then, by flipping the toggle switch next to YouTube, users may turn on the extension and get an explanation of any YouTube video by copying and pasting the URL into the Bard homepage.

Google Bard has expanded its reach to teens in other countries in addition to this feature, with age-appropriate safeguards in place to guarantee a positive experience. From ideas to hobbies to academic endeavors to significant life milestones, Google sees Bard as a useful tool for teenagers.

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Bard’s competitor, ChatGPT, has added a voice capability for all of its users, creating a more competitive environment. All smartphone users worldwide can now access this function for free, even though it was first made available to premium users in September. ChatGPT’s conversational skills can be further enhanced by allowing users to ask questions aloud by just tapping on the microphone icon.

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