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Spainish First AI-Created Model, Aitana, Earning Up to €10,000 Monthly

Meet Aitana, a vibrant 25-year-old from Barcelona with pink hair who has made history by being the first Spanish model created completely with artificial intelligence (AI). Even though Aitana might not be genuine, her online persona has attracted a lot of attention, and every week, celebrities in private messages express interest in meeting her. The Clueless agency’s creator, Rubén Cruz, came up with Aitana, a creative solution to problems facing the influencer and design sectors.

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Last summer was a difficult time for Cruz and his agency, which is when Aitana came into being. When Cruz found himself without any clients, he thought about the challenges that the sector had inherently, namely that projects were frequently canceled or delayed because of uncontrollable circumstances, which were usually attributed to models or influencers rather than design flaws.

Cruz and his colleagues took matters into their own hands and developed their own influencer model in order to overcome these obstacles. This project produced Aitana, who is a model for firms approaching The Clueless because of her vibrant personality and almost flawless physical attractiveness.

Aitana might make up to €10,000 a month, according to Cruz, making her a valuable asset for the agency. A consistent source of income is provided by the average monthly earnings, which are roughly €3,000. Cruz clarified that the main reasons for starting Aitana were to become financially independent and lessen dependency on influencers who come with their own set of problems, egos, tastes, and expectations regarding money.

“We did it so that we could make a better living and not be dependent on other people who have egos, who have manias, or who just want to make a lot of money by posing,” Cruz added.

The success of Aitana serves as a reminder of how the fashion and influencer industries are changing and how AI-generated models are emerging as both a creative and a profitable alternative. The narrative of Aitana’s rise to prominence and alliances serves as a testament to the way artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to transform conventional notions of influence and representation in the digital era.

Aitana’s sources of income are as diverse as her online persona. This AI-generated mannequin, which makes slightly more than €1,000 every ad, has quickly emerged as the face of Big, a well-known sports supplement business. Not only that, but Taitana has gone one step further by posting pictures of herself in her underwear on Fanvue, a website similar to OnlyFans.

Aitana has accumulated an incredible following of over 121,000 Instagram users in just a few months. Her posts garner thousands of views and responses, establishing a virtual presence comparable to that of real-life influencers. The flood of private messages from celebrities who are blissfully unaware that Aitana is not a real person adds an intriguing depth to her virtual stardom.

Rubén Cruz, the creator of Aitana, tells an interesting story about a well-known Latin American actor who, unbeknownst to him, approached Aitana with a date invitation. Cruz says, “He had no idea Aitana didn’t exist,” highlighting the AI model’s smooth transition into the social media environment.


The Aitana example demonstrates the economic possibilities of AI-generated models in addition to their capacity to enthrall audiences and even get notice from celebrities who inadvertently interact with the virtual persona. Her success highlights how influencer marketing is changing and the intriguing connections between AI, celebrity culture, and social media as Aitana continues to leave her mark online.

Have you ever wondered how to give an artificial intelligence (AI) model life? A committed team meets once a week at The Clueless agency to create the colorful life of Aitana, the first Spanish AI-generated model causing waves in the digital world. Instead of picture shoots and clothing changes, Aitana’s journey is a combination of AI and design talent using Photoshop and other technologies, unlike traditional models.

The agency carefully arranges Aitana’s schedule, choosing the locations she will “visit,” the things she will do each week, and the pictures she will post to pique the interest of her fervent fans. Realizing that people relate to people’s lives more than simply pictures, the team gives Aitana a backstory and a personality that sets her apart from other virtual models.

Aitana is a fascinating character who loves working out and was made with society’s tastes in mind. “We created her based on what society likes most,” says Aitana’s graphic designer. We considered inclinations, pastimes, and market areas that have gained popularity recently.”

With her unique pink hair and embracing of her gamer side, Anatana embodies the essence of oriental culture, which has been Europeanized in recent trends, making her very popular. A second virtual model named Maia was created as a result of Aitana’s popularity; she is characterized as “a little more shy.” The abbreviation for artificial intelligence (AI) is shrewdly incorporated into both titles, which is noteworthy.

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Many brands that are looking for customized virtual avatars to embody their values have expressed interest in the program. The appeal, according to Cruz, the founder of the firm, is the ability to avoid continuity problems and save money when compared to dealing with actual influencers. By challenging the outrageous amounts that real influencers, like Kim Kardashian, are paid for social media posts, the action calls into question long-standing business conventions.

Cruz believes that the dynamics of the industry will change, which might help smaller businesses that can’t afford to run large-scale advertising campaigns. Critics have voiced concerns about the unrealistic perfection of AI models and their potential to negatively impact future generations, so the project has not been without criticism. The agency argues that its strategy is sound since it only imitates the style that actual influencers and businesses have already created.

The Clueless agency is working to shift industry perceptions in the context of the changing virtual influencer ecosystem, while also addressing the need for a broader discourse about the sexualized image that permeates both the virtual and real influencer sectors. Aitana’s work raises questions about the democratization of modeling and its possible effects on cultural norms and brand representation as the boundaries between reality and virtuality become increasingly hazy due to the advancements in digital technology.



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