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Meta Forms Team to Handle Disinfo, AI Misuse in European Elections

Facebook owner Meta has formed a team to control misinformation and the misuse of generative AI in the lead-up to the June elections for the European Parliament in response to worries about electoral meddling and deceptive AI-generated material.

This year’s big elections throughout the globe could be disrupted by generative AI, which is growing quickly and can produce text, graphics, and video in seconds when given instructions.

Elections to the European Parliament are scheduled for June 6–9. Along with European governments, its 720 legislators establish new laws and policies for the European Union.

As the election draws near, Marco Pancini, Meta’s executive in charge of European matters, said on his blog that the company will be activating an Elections Operations Centre to detect any threats and implement real-time mitigations.

According to him, the Specialists from the company’s research, engineering, operations, content policy, data science, and intelligence departments will concentrate on battling disinformation, handling influence operations, and mitigating the risks associated with the misuse of generative AI.

According to Pancini, Meta has collaborated with 26 independent verification fact organizations in 22 languages throughout the European Union and will add three more partners in Slovakia, France, and Bulgaria.

Earlier this month, Microsoft, OpenAI, Meta, and seventeen other tech giants committed to collaborate to stop misleading AI material from influencing the elections this year all across the world.


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