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OnePlus Introduces its Version of Google’s Magic Eraser Feature 

Either good or bad, OnePlus has always followed the rhythm of the company’s ambitions. Consider the artificially intelligent Eraser, the company’s most recent venture towards smartphone artificial intelligence. Before you wonder, the answer is no—this isn’t just an updated version of Google’s famous Magic Eraser.  

 OnePlus decided to build its version to demonstrate to the globe that it had aspirations to establish its game in the artificial intelligence space. Although the world has been aware of Google’s version of AI Eraser from the Pixel 6 ceremony that took place in March 2021 (Magic Editor, on the other hand, made its debut at I/O 2023), it seems that the rival firm has been developing of the technology for some time. 

 According to the organization’s press releases, it started from scratch while creating this, using first-party big language models.  

Magic Eraser rolls out for Google One subscribers on iOS and Android | Android Central

 OnePlus states in its press release that the AI Eraser results from a significant research and development expenditure. With extensive training on a large dataset, the latest feature’s unique LLM can help you understand intricate scenarios. With this sophisticated visual comprehension, the AI Eraser can cleverly replace undesired things with contextually relevant aspects that organically enhance the image’s attractiveness. It allows users to modify photographs of excellent quality at any moment, any place.  

OnePlus' First AI Tool Aims to Take On Google's Magic Eraser | PetaPixel

While an artificial intelligence-driven eraser is undoubtedly useful, Google outdid itself with this function immediately. Going head-to-head with that function may not be the most effective way to implement one’s R&D efforts, mainly because Google Photos can already provide it for Android and iOS gadgets.  

 Above all, OnePlus is attempting to establish itself in what will undoubtedly be the golden age of smartphones. The next time, it will use those resources to create a unique product that sets itself apart from other properties.  

 Starting with the OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open, and OnePlus Nord CE 4, AI will be available on OnePlus devices this month. But it won’t be appearing at the R12-D12.  






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