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Sam Altman’s Ongoing Bid for OpenAI CEO Role Despite Microsoft Move

Sam Altman’s sudden resignation from OpenAI raised some eyebrows, but it’s likely that he will move to Microsoft. According to sources, Greg Brockman and Altman, the co-founders, are amenable to going back to OpenAI in specific circumstances. Several insiders have stated that the most important condition is that the remaining board members who participated in Altman’s termination step down.


The board is under more pressure because a large number of OpenAI staff, including chief scientist and board member Ilya Sutskever, are expected to leave. Just two of the three board members who are still in place need to change their minds about Altman’s return given the likelihood of a mass exodus.

It is believed that Altman’s recent statement on X, “we are all going to work together some way or other,” indicates that the fight to have him back as CEO is still going strong even after Microsoft’s announcement. Direct sources close to the matter state that Altman, former president Brockman, and the company’s investors are working together to facilitate a seamless departure for the current board. Microsoft’s announcement of hiring is considered a stopgap move, or a “holding pattern,” as negotiations continue in hopes of reaching an agreement before Monday’s stock market opens. According to the events that are playing out, Altman’s return to OpenAI is still a dynamic and changing scenario.

In a recent update, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addressed the ongoing developments involving Sam Altman’s probable return to OpenAI. Nadella elucidated Microsoft’s position in talks with CNBC and Bloomberg TV, stressing that the OpenAI board and its staff make the ultimate choice.


In response to a query concerning the likelihood of Sam Altman and OpenAI personnel joining Microsoft, Nadella said, “That is for the OpenAI board, management, and employees to choose.” He noted that Microsoft and OpenAI have an official collaboration, and he expressed openness to both eventualities while emphasizing how important it is for OpenAI employees to remain or move to Microsoft.

On the subject of Microsoft’s demand for a seat on OpenAI’s board, Nadella acknowledged the need for governance improvements. He made reference to the need for positive communication with OpenAI’s board, demonstrating a readiness to investigate and modify governance structures.

In a Bloomberg TV interview with Emily Chang, Nadella underlined the need of averting shocks and said that Microsoft would “definitely want some governance changes.” He stated that enlightened and cooperative decision-making ought to bring about changes.

OpenAI’s CEO will be revealed tomorrow, but Nadella playfully sidestepped the subject by saying, “I will leave it with OpenAI and its board.”

This update comes after OpenAI abruptly fired Sam Altman and talks about his possible comeback ensued. Although there were attempts to screen potential replacements for Altman, the board went ahead and hired Emmett Shear, a co-founder of Twitch, as CEO, effectively ending Altman’s chances of returning. The relationship that is developing between Microsoft, OpenAI, and the pursuit of efficient governance is exemplified by this.

Following the tumultuous events at OpenAI, employees have expressed their displeasure through various channels, including the company’s Slack workspace, where a ‘fuck you’ emoji greeted the announcement of new CEO Emmett Shear. Since Sam Altman was recently fired, there has been a greater power struggle within the company. Most workers are against the current three-person board because they support Altman.

According to sources, staff members at OpenAI’s San Francisco offices skipped Sunday’s emergency all-hands meeting with CEO Emmett Shear. Rather, they voiced their extreme displeasure in response to the CEO news on OpenAI’s Slack.

Remarkably, Ilya Sutskever, a major contributor to Altman’s dismissal, changed his mind and supported an open letter to the board on Monday. The resignation of the board and Altman’s restoration were demanded in the letter, which was signed by a sizable percentage of the business.

Employees assured the public on social media on Monday that they are preserving service stability and keeping the lights on for OpenAI’s developers despite the unrest. By taking this proactive measure, the corporation hopes to avoid total collapse and put pressure on the board to stand down.

It will be difficult for recently appointed CEO Emmett Shear to get specific justification for Altman’s termination because neither he nor the company’s investors have access to formal records. In retaliation, Shear declared his intention to appoint a third-party investigator to look into the whole sequence of events that led to the current state of affairs and produce an extensive report.


Sam Altman underlined his dedication to working with Microsoft to guarantee OpenAI’s ongoing success and operational continuity for partners and customers in a follow-up post on X. But concerns are raised on how well OpenAI’s objectives align with the transfer of more than 700 former staff members to Microsoft. It is unknown if Altman is listed in Microsoft’s internal corporate directory at this time.

The survival of OpenAI is in jeopardy as a result of the ongoing impasse between Altman’s opponents on the remaining board members, Adam D’Angelo, Tasha McCauley, and Helen Toner.

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