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Samsung Has Finally Launched the Galaxy AI Series Including Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra

Overnight, at a launch event, Samsung unveiled the most recent Galaxy S smartphones, which include a variety of AI features referred to collectively as Galaxy AI. However, the circuitry of S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra has remained largely unchanged since the previous year.

The screens on the standard and larger phones have been updated to be marginally larger (as a result of bezel reductions), livelier, and equipped with low-temperature polycrystalline oxide technology that enables the customization of refresh rates from 1Hz to 120Hz in order to enhance power efficiency.

Despite having a slightly rounded profile, the Galaxy S24 and S24+ resemble last year’s smartphones.

The stylus-compatible S24 Ultra, which has a square edge, has a new 50MP and 5x zoom lens, up from 10MP and 10x zoom last year. Samsung claims that the additional sensor size, as well as new software, will still enable 10x optical quality and 100x enhanced digital magnification. In addition, it features a new titanium frame and an internal cooling system that, according to Samsung, enhances gaming performance, all while reducing temperatures.

Samsung, on the other hand, is positioning the AI features, which include new or expanded capabilities in virtually every software area of the phone, as the most significant enhancements. The gaming-oriented S24 Ultra includes a ray-tracing GPU along with a larger vapor chamber for cooling.

New two-way translation capabilities are available for text messages, in-person conversations, and audio interactions, and only one Samsung phone is required. A live demonstration involved a call to a fictitious French restaurant, during which the English-speaking caller’s inquiries were translated into spoken French and received responses in English.

The Samsung keyboard features an integrated tone chequer that enables users to highlight written text and have artificial intelligence modify it to be more informal, formal, or adorned with emoticons. By emphasizing extended sections of text in Samsung Notes, one can format multiple pages into various templates or generate summaries automatically. Additionally, voice recordings can be transcribed to text with a single stroke.

Undoubtedly, the photography experience incorporates additional AI features, such as enhanced low-light photography and video, the ability to insert extra frames to create slow-motion videos, and generative editing capabilities. During a live demonstration, the AI-generated additional backdrop filled in the missing corners, allowing the crooked shot to be straightened without chopped edges. Additionally, objects could be resized, moved, and highlighted inside the image.

A considerable number of the introduced features bear resemblance to those that have been observed on Google’s smartphones, most notably on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. According to Eric Chou, the director of mobile experience for Samsung Australia, the Galaxy phones could have superior artificial intelligence without competing directly with Google. Samsung’s objective is to provide the greatest variety and quantity of AI features possible through collaborations with Microsoft, Adobe, and Google, among others.

“We are in a unique position because we have invested so much in AI services, but Samsung’s success is frequently based on collaboration as well. Our disagreement with Google is over how to both increase Android adoption and provide all Android users with an excellent experience while simultaneously maintaining our unique brand,” he explained. One function of the Galaxy S24 called “Circle to Search” allows you to simply draw a circle around anything on the screen using your finger or a pen and then search for related online results.

“It is being co-developed with Google, and it will most likely make its way to other Android smartphones eventually. However, the main concern is still making sure that Android users have an experience that is distinct from that of, for example, iOS.”

Samsung carefully described the steps it is taking to ease the diverse cultural concerns surrounding artificial intelligence. For instance, upon activating the phone call translation feature, the recipient is notified in their native language through a message that an AI translation service is being utilized. AI-edited photographs have both the image and its metadata watermarked.

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In addition, the settings contain an option to deactivate any functionalities that necessitate the transmission of user data for cloud processing. Despite the exclusion of certain image generation tools, on-device AI capabilities such as text analysis and translations would remain operational.

Chou explained that at this time, there is neither a legitimate regulatory body nor a regulation that specifies how AI should operate. So, a proactive approach has been adopted by them.

“People should undoubtedly have complete control over it while also being made to feel at ease and given transparency. They have the option to forego using AI if they so wish.”

The newly released smartphones will be available from February 7 at prices of $799, $999, and $1299, respectively, for the S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra, representing a marginal price increase over the previous year. As is customary, Samsung and numerous retailers offer complimentary tablets and earbuds or storage expansions as incentives for pre-orders.



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