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Prepare Yourself For the AI Phones Revolution

Get ready for a tech revolution as Samsung gears up to unveil its latest phones this week, promising nothing short of the most AI-packed devices ever seen. This isn’t just a wild guess. After the groundbreaking “Put a ChatGPT on it” showcase at CES 2024, Samsung is hollering it loud and clear, even featuring it on the Sphere, the 2024 equivalent of shouting from the rooftops.

But what’s the hype about AI on a phone? It’s not just a bunch of tech demos; this Galaxy Unpacked event is poised to reveal the true potential of AI on your mobile device. Forget about a washing machine with ChatGPT – AI on your phone could be a game-changer, and Samsung will show us exactly why.

Even though AI became famous in 2023, its applicability to our mobile devices could be better. Blame it on our current tech limitations – those massive language models that power chatbots like ChatGPT can’t squeeze onto our phones. You can grab a ChatGPT app that taps into the cloud for queries but doesn’t expect it to notify you about that crucial email.

But the tide is turning slowly. Pixel 8 Pro entered the market in October 2023, flaunting the ability to run Google’s foundational models on-device with tantalizing promises of future AI-powered updates. Want a reality check? only a couple of them have trickled in, and let’s be honest, they’re not blowing our minds.

Fast forward to a December 2023 software update that injected a dose of AI into the mix. Now, I’m all for the Pixel Recorder app, and this update added the nifty ability to use AI for summarizing Recorder transcripts – a feature I wasted no time testing out. But hold your horses; it stumbles when faced with marathon recordings. Anything over 10 minutes seems to be a tough nut to crack. And then there’s the Video Boost, rolled out in the same update and excited as the Night Sight equivalent for videos. It’s decent, sure, but the wow factor isn’t as jaw-dropping as Night Sight’s magic on still photos. Plus, be prepared to twiddle your thumbs for an hour or two while your video gets a cloud-powered makeover.

Imagine a world where your phone is not just a device but a gateway to a realm where AI takes charge of your digital existence. Forget Google or Samsung; this future’s true harbinger emerged unexpectedly at CES 2024 – the Rabbit R1, a breakout sensation. Designed by Teenage Engineering, this pint-sized marvel transforms into your phone’s AI assistant. Give it the keys to your apps and accounts, and voila! From booking flights to ordering pizza, it claims to handle the nitty-gritty without you even lifting a finger. The stuff dreams are made of.

Sure, sceptics might argue it’s destined to be absorbed by our phones down the line, but the Rabbit R1 has struck a chord, evident in the tens of thousands who preordered it within the first week. If you ever doubted how eager people are to enlist AI for a helping hand in managing their digital lives, this is your proof.

Are we finally on the brink of liberating ourselves from the endless tap dance on our phones? The burning question: Will the Galaxy S24 unveil the future we’ve all been waiting for, or is it just another flashy tech demo? Brace yourself as Samsung takes the stage to show us whether we’re ready to bid farewell to the monotony of constant phone tapping.


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