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Samsung introduces AI Powered Smart Home Features

If your home is a Samsung home, Samsung aims at making the smart home smarter. The business unveiled several upgrades to – and features for — its “SmartThings home automation platform” during its CES 2024 keynote in Las Vegas yesterday.

Now Plus, a new dashboard panel, is coming to certain Samsung TVs and will be configured to be turned on as you approach and show information about smart home appliances and facts such as the current temperature inside. It is accompanied by a new “quick panel” that provides access to shortcuts for controlling linked devices as well as services such as detecting missing smartphones and other mobile devices.

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In other news, Samsung has introduced a new “map view” for SmartThings that is comparable to Amazon‘s recently debuted Map View. Samsung’s approach displays a live map of your home, replete with the precise spot of any smart home appliances (such as washing machines and refrigerators) within. Maps can be made manually or automatically using an existing floor plan snapshot or a lidar-enabled Samsung product, such as the company’s upcoming Ballie robot or the latest JetBot robot vacuum.


In a charming (or terrifying, depending on your perspective) addition, the latest SmartThings maps include “AI characters” that represent the people and animals within the house. The animated avatars “respond” to real-time situations, such as sweating, if the house becomes too hot.

Maps must be created on a smartphone or tablet using the SmartThings app. Once it is completed, they will be visible on some Samsung televisions, smart fridge screens, and M8 monitors.



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