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Scott Galloway, One Main Skill For Young People For The AI Era 

All young people need one skill, which has been there for thousands of years, in order to succeed in the profession both now and in the future. Following a live recording of Vox’s “Pivot” podcast at SXSW last month, a millionaire entrepreneur Scott Galloway told CNBC Make It, “If I could give my 13- and 16-year-old one competence that I think would stand the test of time, it would be storytelling.” 

The storytelling genre might not matter because communication mediums can change quickly. According to Galloway, the key is to have the “ability to write well, the ability to articulate ideas, and the ability to present ideas with data, infographics, and slideshows.” 

Galloway, a professor of marketing at the Stern School of Business at New York University, founded L2 Inc. in 2005 as a research project that developed into a business intelligence consultancy that teaches firms how to market to consumers online. According to regulatory documents, IT business consulting Gartner allegedly paid over $130 million to acquire L2 Inc. in 2017. 

Scott Galloway: The No. 1 skill young people need in the AI era

He explains how a business’s storytelling may either help or damage its performance in his brand planning and digital marketing classes today. Galloway stated that young people should never rely only on ChatGPT or other generative artificial intelligence systems because of the value of narrative. He remarked that We’re not sure if ChatGPT will be replaced by a neural network in five years. We don’t know if programming will become outdated. 

Experts in management agree that while knowledge of AI is vital, it is not the only competency required for professional success. According to a survey released earlier this year by the management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, employers are looking for individuals that possess a blend of hard and soft talents, such as analytical and creative thinking, leadership abilities, and curiosity. 

Galloway offers this additional advice: No matter what else goes on around you, becoming an expert in your subject is a good strategy to succeed. According to Galloway, “the specific crowds out the general.” he advises youngsters to find a niche and try to figure it out, no matter how little it is. Make it your mission to gather more domain-specific information than everyone else on the planet. If you’re not enjoying something, you’ll never be an expert at it. 

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