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Slack’s AI Eases Catching Up on Messages

With the release of Slack’s AI features for enterprise plans, you won’t have to go through dozens of old messages to catch up on what you missed.

Slack is introducing integrated artificial intelligence tools. It allows users to ask about work-related matters and receive overviews of threads and channel recaps. Slack AI was first tested by the workplace management platform last year, but it is currently available to Slack Enterprise subscribers as a paid add-on.

If you’ve been tagged in a thread but have yet to keep up with it, you can use Slack AI to see who has said what and to obtain a comprehensive synopsis of the topic. A summary of the recent conversations in the channels can also be obtained.

To have Slack AI summarise unread messages, messages that have appeared during the last seven days, or messages sent within a specific timeframe. You can pick the star icon in the top-right corner of a channel. It is useful when you need to know what’s been happening at work after being off for a few days.

Slack begins rolling out Slack AI...well, probably? | PCWorld

If your workplace policies are mentioned in Slack, Slack AI will also allow you to ask questions regarding a specific project you’ve been working on or about them in general. The AI tool can also be used to define acronyms used on the Slack chat at your place of employment. It will use “relevant messages” to catch you up on any issues you’re wondering about.

The AI of the platform will also be integrated with some of the other apps that connect to Slack, enabling you to ask inquiries about something stored in Box or receive summaries of Notion documents in link previews.

Apart from this set of functionalities, Slack claims to develop other tools for organizing and summarising data. Additionally, it is developing a new digest feature. When you are short on time and need more time to review numerous messages, we will present you with highlights from your chosen channels. Additionally, Einstein Copilot, an AI chatbot that can compose messages for you to send to colleagues, is being integrated natively into Slack.

Slack states that “customer data remains siloed” and won’t “be used to serve other clients.” The large language models (LLMs) it utilizes are hosted directly within Slack. The business further states that it will not train LLMs using user data. Slack AI is now only available in English in the US and the UK but plans to support other languages are in the assignments.


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