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UK Grant £100 Million for AI Research and Regulation

On Tuesday, the United Kingdom government announced its plan to invest over 125 million pounds (over 100 million dollars) to establish nine new AI research centres and educate government officials on the subject.

Michelle Donelan, the technology minister, stated that AI is moving fast, but we have demonstrated that humans can move just as fast. We have begun to grip the risks immediately by taking an agile, sector-specific approach.

The government announced a partnership with the US on responsible AI. They planned to allocate 90 million pounds to hubs using AI in healthcare, chemistry, and mathematics. It stated that an additional ten million pounds would assist authorities in tackling the dangers and making the most of AI’s potential benefits. For example, they could create proper instruments to track dangers in telecommunications, healthcare, banking, and academia.

According to Adam Leon Smith, an AI specialist from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, the United Kingdom uses its current legislative framework to control AI in areas that impact many people, like employment. But even with “old-fashioned” AI, the nation must consider the benefits against the risks. Britain held a global summit focusing on the security of AI in November.

A “Bletchley Declaration” was signed by over 25 countries that attended the summit. This document aims to identify risks that countries share and develop policies to address them.

Several prominent technology companies, including Google and Microsoft, approved the most recent developments in the British government’s statement.




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