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You may need to pay for AI features on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

As stated in the footnotes of the US page for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung will supply the Galaxy artificial intelligence (AI) features for free on eligible Samsung Galaxy devices until the end of 2025. Artificial intelligence features developed by outside parties may be subject to different terms.

Customers are likely already familiar with the concept of software subscription services; for example, Adobe offers many memberships across its product line. They may also be aware that cloud storage services allow them to pay for additional storage space. How much would people be ready to spend on Galaxy AI services if they were an in-game purchase? Samsung would have to strike a balance between maximizing income and increasing the number of consumers if it chose this path.

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There is no obvious delineation between the on-device and cloud-based versions of Samsung’s Galaxy AI. Access to the internet plus a Samsung Account are prerequisites for using some of the AI functions on the Galaxy. The cost of providing robust AI services on the cloud may rise significantly as their usage grows in popularity.

Is there a way for Samsung to make Galaxy AI appealing enough for customers to feel compelled to subscribe Although Galaxy AI has arrived and will play a significant role in the Galaxy S24 narrative, the new phones will only have a limited time to be exclusive. The South Korean tech firm has officially stated its plan to make Galaxy AI work on older devices.

The Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Flip 5, along Galaxy Tab S9 series will all receive support for several of the AI features launched on the Galaxy S24 in the first half of 2024, according to a representative. We will provide you with further details soon.

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The Galaxy S24 family is less impactful because Galaxy AI is considered a standalone product that’s available around the Galaxy range. Even though these are Samsung’s first AI-powered smartphones, the allure of upgrading from an older model has diminished—or increased, depending on the cost and selection of AI capabilities.


Not all AI services on Galaxy smartphones are restricted to Galaxy platforms, which might be a major turnoff for people looking to sign up for Samsung’s paywalled AI. At Galaxy Unpacked, one of the most impressive demos was the “Circle To Search” feature. It allowed users to highlight something on the screen with the S-Pen pen and then search for it online.

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Since it is a Google tool, I am confident that it will not be obstructed by Samsung’s paywall. Upon its release to the general public at the tail end of January, it will be compatible with the Galaxy S24 series of phones. Similarly, on January 31st, renowned commentator Mishaal Rahman announced that both Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will also have Circle To Search accessibility.

Consumer trust is critical for the full utilization of AI. Unraveling the mysteries of customer navigation, AI providers, data usage, and prioritizing service “A” over service “B” can prove to be a formidable challenge in the year 2025.

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses a wide range of software applications; it is difficult to predict which ones will be popular, which ones will remain niche, and which ones will fail over the six months to come, much alone two years from now. Another caveat regarding the possibility of service degradation is that Samsung might not have finalized its plans for Galaxy AI’s role by 2026. As a result, the future of the Galaxy S24 series and its Galaxy AI software is cast in doubt.

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